Adam, Colmey, Senate Intelligence Committee discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 - Rep. Steve Scalise, three others shot during attack; Washington Post: Special Counsel investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice; Rep. Scalise in critical condition after surgery


Adam this is extraordinary reporting is your reporting explained to viewers why it's so significant but i think he really need to understand that when when colmey spoke to the senate intelligence committee last week he hid heat assured a he explained how he had assured trump that he wasn't being investigated personally and so what we've learned here is that in fact there was a change within the fbi and and they were investigating him for a for potential obstruction and what we learned is also that there were a series of interviews that the special council had arranged with top intelligence officials potentially as part of that investigation and based on your reporting that change came about as i understand it because of the firing of komen right and uh you know obviously colmey testified that that was his intention in leaking the memos detailing his communications with the president and so you know it's it's what we learned is actually get this this decision to open this file if you will on on trump was made actually before the special council is actually named which is just just a few days later but i mean for president trump the irony is his own actions are in firing colmey actually lead to then this evolution which i mean no elder led to the special council but it also then led to the special council according to your reporting now investigating him for obstruction right i mean when you when you think about it you know when when colmey in when in his first meeting with the then president elect trump he he assures trump that he's not the target that he's not a targeted the investigation that's underway he's trying to reassure him.

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