Murder, Saddam, Peter Jennings Condeleezza Rice discussed on Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill


Into a concept and then to an entire story that took structure within you know some kind of rhythmic pen tamador but without substance the people don't gravitate to that the voice of racism preaching the gospel is w free church cold the prophet muhammad the getting god is not religion what is virtual porn been jesus is the most profited nicaraguan reforms innocent people trying to murder of saddam which gave him those chemical weapons the go to war with iran information that they hold back from peter jennings condeleezza rice is just the new wage sally hemmings talk about the story of your growing up and how you ended up going from chewing while you ended up being born in peru but also how you ended up in harlem for me it's it's kind of a crazy story that my family was them to a time in which there was like a virtual civil war between these maoist paramilitary guerrillas and these paid mercenaries from the cia in people were involved in a rightwing political structure impediment under the dictator metaphor from simone and before him a series of other people who were extremely brutal and cold the indigenous peoples such as alan garcia there are but regardless my father said that it wasn't just the military issue that caused the problem that it was an economic issue and he said that peru at that particular time was experiencing almost twelve 100 percent inflation a year now i think that people in this country don't really understand what that means so i guess for the younger people i'm just gonna break it down for you like this magongo into the store with a hundred dollars and the tell your 100dollar bills only worth twenty dollars annual to the store a couple of months later and that one hundred dollar bill is now only worth five dollars and then the next time you go a couple of months later they laugh at you and they say will then we don't even use these bills anymore what are you talking about their worthless go have good luck at the bank trading those for some relevant currency now so in order to find peace and quiet and.

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