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Virus meanwhile governor Eric Holcomb is seeking input from Indiana business and restaurant groups about best workplace practices when they begin to re open the state's economies and it will be directly dependent on what the numbers are on the ground that allows us to address not win necessarily but how we got to get the hell down that won't happen until sometime after may first in Jeffersonville mayor Mike Moore says there's a positive outlook in his city but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I think when this is all said and done we're gonna come out of this a little bit stronger than we were in there have been one hundred eighty one corona virus cases and eleven deaths in Clark County president trump reconnected with UK prime minister Boris Johnson as he continues to recover from the corona virus president trump spoke by phone to British prime minister Boris Johnson following his battle with the corona virus the White House said Johnson told the president he is feeling better and on the road to recovery Johnson was released from the hospital earlier this month but said there was a forty eight hour period during his hospital stay when things could have gone either way Jordan Phelps ABC news Washington the last day of school is changing again for JCPS JCPS was going to end the school year on June third but that is moving to may twenty seventh superintendent Marty Pollio says the change has to do with hours of nontraditional instruction or in TI guidance from the Kentucky department of education that we instead of six hours and fifteen minutes of daily instruction for intii districts across the Commonwealth would be granted seven hours of instruction for every day of in TI looking ahead to the summer polio says they are preparing summer school with the understanding that will also be online and that they may not have face to face learning opportunities Intel August the Kentucky high school athletic association has canceled the twenty twenty spring sports season Haley Hanson reports the decision was made after it was recommended that all K. through twelve schools remain closed for the rest of the academic year a statement from KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett reads in part this impacts so many people but in the end is in the best interest of public health the KHSAA has developed special recognition programs to honor Kentucky athletes that have lost their spring season Haley Hanson newsradio eight forty W. H. A. S. vice president Mike pence is praising G. E. workers producing ventilators to fight the corona virus thank you all thanks for your dedication your artwork really make a difference is saving lives pence made the comments during a tour of A. G. plant in Madison Wisconsin the company was given a contract last week that calls for fifty thousand ventilators to be produced by mid July Ford is G. E.'s partner in this effort that came about as a result of the defense production act Missouri's Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against China over the covert nineteen pandemic Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt filed a lawsuit against the Chinese government the Chinese Communist Party and other government leaders Tuesday claiming they withheld information arrested whistle blowers and denied the contagious nature of the call that nineteen pandemic he says the government must be held accountable remedies could include civil penalties restitution punitive damages and more Ryan burl ABC news a new Senate report validates the assessment of U. S. intelligence agencies that Russia did interfere in the twenty sixteen presidential election North Carolina Republican Richard Burr said a lengthy investigation found no evidence to dispute the Intel community's assessment Burr chairs the Senate intelligence committee your next news update is it for I'm Suzanne Duval newsradio eight forty W. H. A. S. thanks turn Suzanne it's best anchor Suzanne newsradio eight forty WHAS Terry Meiners here Simon miners there Max miners there my son I'm glad to have you guys broadcast would begin as you notice when seven half years on the incident yeah it's the eve of the twenty twelve election good to have you back last time we were on the bird soon isn't it former TV anchor man but an actor of notes he's a movie star long time friend of ours from WHS walking back to the show Mister Burson it's a pleasure to be with you Sir are you there yes Sir we know you know you know both my kids unity around when they were born Mackey as a heck I remember when they were sleeping in bunk beds and your home so that was a good gag we played on TV memorable gag with the the late check on the status and Chris and Chris Turner playing so well that's a beautiful piece of videotape left a whole lot reference worked wrote night some Max dabbles in all kinds of things including trivia we thought let's get burns on here because he knows everything mexicana throughout a trivia questions on a pic burned since rain just off the jump he had no idea yeah I was I I keep a repository of questions that I write for various games I pulled this I think this is a good one all right so here's a question introduced in nineteen sixty six by the coca Cola company this soda was so beloved by president Lyndon Johnson but he had a special button installed in his private lounge that paged a military valet in an adjacent office to bring him one name this bubbly citrus beverage I'm gonna guess after you Burson I mean it's a tablet no I'm going to say Dr pepper because it's a Texas product interesting choice neither of those the citrus beverage Simon you mean you want to take a crack at this is absolutely true by the way I I did my yes this is yes fresco it is fresco you're exactly right good job L. A. J. had a fresco thing BJ had a fresco Bob Jones written for fresh girl right now yes address and update me on your own obviously you're not filming anything at the moment here but what what is the next project that was on the schedule well I'm I'm between projects you know I was just in a movie called dark waters which is probably being streamed even as we speak but does you know the movie thing it is just a hobby really my main gig is doing audio books and so I continue to do that so that the American printing house and here at home I have this little studio downstairs and I can do some private work there so that's my main gig and although nothing's happening now like you know I said earlier to somebody that is the entire world is going around without pants right now and six that's for sure well I'm glad that you're able to continue recording out of your home because obviously people use those products those voice over products of Aryan books and magazines and periodicals whatever those are and I'm glad that you're able to do that well I'm glad to be doing anything that is revenue producing at this point at my age which is why I when got tested yesterday I wanted to share with people but that experience was like you know please how how do I know if I have code nineteen so I drove up I live in Indiana and Indiana residents can get tested through the state department of health drove up to I read IT tech in Sellersburg and I thought there was gonna be a long line of cars there was not a couple of national guardsmen stopping on the way in and that just to see my ID to prove I was a Hoosier and then drove right up to the to the table where the testing was going on they had to give my birth date and so on and then and nice lady wearing a facemask took a swab and inserted it into each of my nostrils and I believe came out with brain matter as the third thing we go where the updating and no stuff could go up there but it is she swapped me and now I have to wait till probably Thursday to go online and see if I have covered nineteen I have no symptoms but I am in what's called a vulnerable populations that is people who have achieved the age of sixty or older which I did fourteen years ago yeah I'm sixty three and so naturally I'm thinking about that too but I want to ask more about the actual test itself it I've I've seen the video of them pushing those those swabs up people's nasal cavities so as to what sort of a response to your body gives her a gag reflex or what what what happens to your brain when it's like what is happening you want to cry like a little girl is what happens and and it it goes you know to your nasopharynx which is you know the back of your throat through your nose and yeah that was an area of a route that I did not believe was technical but indeed it was and so now I've at least they'll have at least I have contributed to the end of the the bank of scientific knowledge well I saw David Blaine like put a slinky up somebody's nose and make it come out of his eyeball socket so I know there is the interconnected plumbing up there it's it's painful well it's not painful but you you do cry or you want to cry it because it's right you know there were things are not meant to go to boldly go where no swipe is gone before obviously in anticipation of the results you know we we hope you're okay but very here's my ongoing question about this and so I don't want my son to jump on in on this too you get a test results it says your negative and you're like well that's part of a one of a big night tonight how do you know you didn't already pick up something from the time whenever the test was conducted just by touching a doorknob you don't you have no idea but you know you keep washing your hands and using sanitizer and wearing a mask when you go out and you know is there is there a it's it's risk yeah you hope for the best it's risk and reward it's you know like everything else in life yeah I completely agree with you Mr Brinson I think that the test would give you a certain stamp of confidence and say you know as of this date and time I did not have cove in nineteen it's that time it in since that time I have practiced correct social distancing I wash my hands I've not touch my face things like that it gives you an extra layer layer of confidence I think is about the best I can do for you yeah that's really all you can do and somebody said well you can do is all you can do so you know but I keep I keep in touch with my girls my daughter is the one is in Iowa mera and asked to sailor you Terry and rocky loves me I love there she used to come in the studio there when what when I was working in the downtown studio and she's the sweetest kid I mean I know both your daughters but but merit is just the sweetest person but course I knew when she was twelve or whatever yeah featured it and she's a big public relations mogul in Iowa and then robin my younger daughter who is going to join the ranks of the forty year olds in a few days so they keep they check in on me almost every day make sure that I am you know taken care and you know is the is the soundtrack to this entire episode keeps going through my head it's nobody told me by John Lennon nobody told me there'd be days like these you know well that's a good one Hey I have a song for you burns and that no one will be able to play it was played on the radio for fifty years and no one's going to be allowed to play this one any further going into the future here it is.

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