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According to health officials down there. This is the third variant detected in the U. S. That has been dominant in another country, including the UK in Brazil. Researchers believe these variants could spread more easily. Scientists worry that the mutations could curb the effectiveness of the two Cupid but acts covert 19 vaccines on the market. Although very limited testing has been done to this point, Wisconsin's Republican controlled assembly is readying to repeal Democratic Governor Tony Evers masks mass mandate. That vote coming today. The Senate approved the resolution earlier this week. State law allows the Legislature to overturn emergency orders by the governor of the governor's current order is scheduled to run out March 20th that's been in place since August. Still no word on what started that fire that left a mother and four young girls dead at a home in displays yesterday. WGN's Eric wrong is there, witnesses say. Police and firefighters initially struggled to get upstairs to where 25 year old I set the lead. Ziman Oto and her four daughters died. The Children ranged in age from six to just one years old. A man who identified himself to a reporter as a family member says the girl's father, Juan Espinoza was at work when the fire started. Neighbor says one called him to find out if his family was okay. He says it was a devastating call to get firefighter was injured battling those flames but was treated at the scene. Chicago police have been working on a plan to halt this surgeon Carjackings already more than 160 Car jackings reported this year. 49th Ward Alderman Brendan Riley says the criminal justice system and Cook County is partly to blame when judges don't properly sentence or are in a way handcuffed by the juvenile justice system. We're gonna continue to see this, He tells WGN's Bob Surat car jackings tend to be committed by young offenders who face a lighter sentence. If caught, the Senate will start working on an aggressive new stimulus package next week, Congress must pursue a bold and robust course of action to defeat the disease. Cover our economy get our country back to normal. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the Senate cannot undershoot the effort to address continuing an urgent and the continuing an urgent situation. President Biden wants Congress to embrace nearly $2 trillion stimulus plan. Many Republicans say that's just too much. Ah, local universities announced a large donation that will benefit social work. University of Chicago School of Social Workers announced to $75 Million donation from investment magnates James and Paul, a crown. The university calls the donation the largest ever in support of a school of social work. The Graduate school will be renamed the Crowne Family School of social Work policy and Practice. The money will be used to increase student financial aid, support faculty research and hiring and strengthen community engagement to address the challenges of inequality and related social problems. Steve Krizan Itch WGN news. So if you own a Nissan Pathfinder SUV expect to see another recall notice in the mail very soon, the carmaker says an issue can cause the brake lights to stay on all the time. Problem can limit engine power, and drivers can have to shift that a Parker to start the engine without a foot on the brake pedal the second time that's been a problem with the pathfinders from the 2013 to 2015 models. WGN. Sports Day, Then it pretty much every NFL team. Perhaps, except Kansas City, is expected to express interest into Shawn Watson after the Houston Texans quarterback formally requested a trade. Watson pass for illegal leading 4800 yards and 33 touchdowns with just seven interceptions this season. The Texans voting starts today for the MBA All Star game, even though there's been no final decision yet on whether there will be a game college basketball. Bradley plays it. Valpo, Michigan State at Rutgers. The Blackhawks and Bulls, both off David W. GM SPORTS The forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center Mike Jansen was plenty of blue sky. But when you've cooled there for the rest of today, eyes in the mid twenties feeling more like the upper teens mostly clear tonight with a low near tenant. Probably cloudy on Friday, will top out near 30 degrees. Mostly cloudy and breezy on Saturday could see a little light snow in the afternoon, With temperatures topping out in the mid thirties. It's no then becomes likely here Saturday night, and we have the potential of seeing several Inches of accumulation and that light snow will continue into our Sunday especially in the morning hours. It'll be cloudy throughout the day breezy as well with highs in the lower thirties from the WGN Weather Center on the urologist, My chances.

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