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Either the punters ian berryman in jordan barrier pressing me and so if there's a partner around there yeah why not a give them a shot at campaigning worse right a- so year sean kevin. Nobody has any snell thoughts. This is a tough one for me. Because honestly i was one of those things i was one of those people who either by winners and losers call them after the first week i had them in my losers call very disappointed. It's one of those situations is where a lot of people say. I you know it's he's rookies on playing behind a good line. I remember when james carter was a rookie iron. Relating on bell was rookie. I i remember when all these players or rookies and they never looked that slow and ineffective <hes> then as is similar benny any smell so i'm not saying he's done. I think he's still makes the team. He's got as one of lance's appease pay pedigree pedigree obvious talking about so. I think it'll be fine but at the same time the they need him to lose some weight they needed to get some speed and all the everything else will take take itself but is felicia says he's look good on special teams. What does that mean probably gonna make the team said there you have that are we'll get a couple more questions and <hes> or comments i should say until we actually had this show over with. Its vinyl ending point all right here. We go andres draze e._s._p._n. Is reported the kevin cole. Put himself on the hot seat belts any contract agree with that. I don't agree with that <hes>. I think that chemical realizes realizes that maybe he's not all sold on staying for two or three more years. I think it's a hot seat situation. I think it's more him realizing that maybe here's a wanna be a general manager until he's seventy something. He's sixty two now. I believe maybe once retiring wants to spend the second half of his life doing something other than stressing hang out about an n._f._l. Team twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Ali said we should all love the young studs we have a quarterback and running back watching a groom for years to com that is something that is new recently outside of the offensive line. The steelers are pretty young football team. They're a young up and coming football all team and yet quarterback is a position of age but other than that they should be fun team to watch. That's onset fun team to watch chatswood. I love i love when you get those dealer teams that they might not be the best. They might not be the most talented but they've got grits. They've got determination and got all those characteristics that most people think when they talk about the pittsburgh steelers. That's what i like and i think this does nineteen. Team is going to be the same way. Isaac thurs ten dollars in a tip jar says i'm a lot more confident. The backup quarterback bent down really nate. Mason rudolph can do well. I won't be saying crap. Jones is crab jones's starting where screwed. I think mason rudolph has shown he's cable here a couple of things i've noticed different about mason rudolph whereas i don't see a lot of changes in joshua dobbs from year to year ear three mason rudolph from your want to here's what i see. He's better footwork. He has better pocket mobility. He seems to be more agile and faster her coming. Out of oklahoma state a lot to be said that he was essentially a statue backfield. I don't see that now. He looks to have more ben rothlisberger type a <hes> elusiveness in the pocket. His arm strength has gotten better. Go back and watch the past that he threw third-down. I wanted to say his third down in eleven to james washington over the middle. That ball was a dart it. That was another thing those cut on in coming out of college is that he doesn't in have good arm strength. He has worked on this stuff. He looks better. He looks more precise with his route reading in in his anticipation of where players should be understands. Things better people you know people would always say <hes> last year <hes> mason rudolph he struggled would under center. He never played under center. It's people were saying..

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