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So there's been a lot of rumors, and we've mentioned them before within the last few weeks from past employees and of the show that say that it's a very hostile toxic work environment that toxic on like Severina View Hall and her people are mean to other of he ball. So now Ellen has finally spoken out via a letter that she sent to her entire team on DH. She is apologizing to her staff. Her PR mid. Her PR team, right, has a apologizing amid amid this probe into this toxic culture, she says that she turned a blind eye to claims of sexual harassment and bullying by top producers. And she suggests in this letter that she writes to her team that there's going to be Isam people that air got going to get fired. So both does she get cancelled? Does she get cancelled? No, because she's taking responsibility but up. You mean because she's a leftist, right? So she doesn't get cancelled because she's on the left because there's a bunch of sexual assault, sexual misconduct allegations here, But she doesn't get cancelled because she's Ellen. Right eye. He's owning the problem. But if you're on the right, and this happens, you're done. You get cancelled. You're totally done. Oh, I see. I see other rules work now. Yeah. I mean, I saw I actually saw they worked a long time ago. But I'm just pointing it out. I'm putting out the obvious again. Now there are some employees that air like now she's known she knows this goes on. She just doesn't want to hear. Britt. This is too little too late. But Andi, and she's a total diva, right? And yet you can read her whole letter. It's been, I don't know if it was released or if it leaked, But in any case, it's I saw it, I think on Hollywood reporter dot com, where the whole letter is there, and there is a suggestion because she says something like, you know, I should have. The show has my name on it. So ultimately, it's my deal, and I just trusted senior leaders to do what they were supposed to do. Clearly, they didn't and that is going to change. And she's really not. The Queen of nice is what People are finding that the queen of Nice was Rosie. I don't think Ellen was called the Queen of what is she, then? She's like the high Priestess of business. I have no idea. I don't know. I really don't care. I just think it just shows you that all these people are such phone. My God, They're so ridiculous. All of it's dumb, but I mean some of the claims about the leaders. There's some executive producer. Apparently, I've got Ed Glavin on DH. He apparently was known to make employees feel Comfortable by rubbing on their shoulders and their bad. Oh, yeah, he was very hands. They said. Very, very hands. E So ah, And just like that fire and she was like, whatever. And then you hear stories about her being like like saying Don't make eye contact with Ellen. Yes. So did that come from her, Or did it come from these weird leader people? I don't know. So it's interesting cause it's like one of her head writers is being named as a problem. So yeah, Okay. All right, so there we cared about it for your kid that much. We're gonna get just working much care as we can. There's your can other There's your caring for it. Okay, So what else are we talking about Doing? You talk about all this docks and going on. There's a bunch of Doc's such a rabid Swifty's out there guys is about your Taylor Swift, ma'am. We got a bone to pick with you. You guys stay tuned, but I'm pretty certain that most people listening need a vacation. I know Ideo. And if you want to get the heck out of dodge, but don't have the time or resource is to go too far. You should think about a staycation at four wins like signing a marina, just 15 minutes outside of downtown Bloomington Boating Beach Nature trail..

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