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In. In the fall of nineteen sixty six the actress, Jane Mansfield requested to meet Anton, lavar at this point. She was already established as the reigning platinum blonde in America for her starring roles in films such as the girl can't help it. And the way word bus Mansfield was in San Francisco, preparing for the annual film festival when she became aware of the publicity around Anton and his church of Satan, she insisted on meeting this satanic, high priest to see what all the fuss was about from the moment, they met Jane was intensely attracted to Anton an attraction that would quickly grow into an obsession during the first few hours they spend together. Jayne, Mansfield opened up to Anton LeVine about all of her deepest feelings. She told him of her overwhelming sexual passions her fears concerning her ongoing custody battle with her ex husband, Matt Cimber and her frustrating relationship with her attorney and current boyfriend Sam Brody. Who's insane? Jealousy was becoming increasingly dangerous. Jayne, mansfield. I met Sam Brody in Las Vegas. He had offered to represent her in the case against Italian. Born film director Matt Cimber who is claiming that Mansfield was an unfit mother. However, soon Brody fell in love with Mansfield. And although he was not her type she agreed to a relationship with him because she imagined it would ensure her custody of her four children almost immediately. Mansfield began to have second thoughts Brody showed a side of himself. That was violently jealous. Imposing impossible constraints on chain. She was in the process of trying to ease out of the situation. But Brody was only becoming more protective using her pending custody suit to maneuver her deeper into a relationship. Anton question Jane's judgment when it came to romantic partners, but remained sympathetic offering to do what he could to alleviate her troubles Mansfield had no. No previous interest in the occult, but she had a sincere thirst for knowledge and was intrigued by the philosophy. Anton espoused at a loss for what else to do. Mansfield asked Anton to place a curse on Matt Cimber? So that he would lose the custody battle Anton agreed within a few weeks. Jane was awarded custody of Oliver children from her three marriages. She was convinced. Anton LeVine was the real deal. Jayne, Mansfield quickly became.

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