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Recommend universal and correct mask wearing inside of schools fully vaccinated people here. In Massachusetts will no longer have to wear a mask this coming Saturday on the 29th. But that ruled can vary across cities and towns even after the mandate gets dropped, with the effects of the pandemic still rippling through health systems all over the globe. Now some countries are in desperate need of oxygen as we hear from CBS is Vicki Barker, India today needs more than 14 times as much oxygen as it needed in March, And it's not alone. The London based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, says 19 countries around the world have seen their need for oxygen skyrocket since March, and it's a need many can't fill at the same time these countries of vaccinated fewer than 20% of their populations. The result, the experts fear, rising death tolls and collapsing health systems in the most vulnerable countries. Vicki Barker, CBS NEWS London Well, we're less than two months out from the Olympic Games and the Summer Olympics in Tokyo is taking another potential blow. The athletes representing the U. S. The training goes on, despite the fact that the State Department has put out a travel warning this week for Japan during that country's covert outbreak. WBZ Strom Oh, Holland spoke with an athlete here in the U. S. Who says All kind of a bit tough to fully block out. Former New England patriot Nate Abner also represents the U. S national team and rugby and he says, Yeah, they're human. So they see what's going on in Japan. At the end of the day, that's that's out of our control. All we can control is our work ethic and practice and what we're doing on an individual basis in a team basis to prepare ourselves for the Olympics, and he's been to the games before for rugby in 2016, so he knows what it takes to get there. My biggest town is being able to grind. You know people get worn out, and I don't tend to do that. Dead. There is now with the Giants in the NFL. That career continues on, but he looks back fondly on his days with the Patriots made dinner with block When you're in that locker room, you know Tom Brady or rookie and we don't know you when we're all treated the same the Patriot way, right? Apparently, it's all the real deal Drew Mohammed WBZ Boston's news radio 7 18 Airlines, avoiding the airspace over Belarus tonight after a dramatic incident over the weekend. Ended with the journalist being arrested. Global Airlines air starting to sidestep Belarus after a Ryanair flight was forced to land there, allegedly due to a security threat after landing, a dissident journalist was arrested. Carriers like Live Thons and Singapore Airlines say they're avoiding the airspace. Now. European authorities are urging other airlines to follow suit. That is CBS is Diane King Hall, the EU putting new sanctions on Belarus following this incident to Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary. Calling the incident a state sponsored hijacking in the Middle East today that Biden administration taking part in another diplomatic meeting between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. This is the administration tries to stabilize a shaky cease fire between Hamas and Israel. Here's the AP Soccer Megane forced in Jerusalem and then in the West Bank, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pledged the U. S will help support Palestinians. Not only through eight, but by restoring ties. The United.

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