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It really does allow you to take advantage of something that is inherent built into. Death are really locked unlocked that it was a bit hard to get to grits within. I think probably are economic economic center. People planning the game would assign. That should Stat command brock account. Used to command abilities in anymore. There's a lot of things that you think you. So how can't do this anymore. But when you look at it from the rivera saudi Good because nine month pinal Through that anyone can't that step that ability so they conduct plus attack Enzyme with the yet as you say within sparring presents united. You hit two two units one of them's to have to take battle. Shock comes down the apartment deciding which one night. When kate and which one enroll and seventy months his legions of of the soap light because you many monsters in so blight you've got the ability to roaring and stop the using using a pay in combat. It doesn't stop them for inspiring presence. But can you can stop them from putting up attacking or defensive off. Switch you just want to get in and ripping and as even really annoying to Playing with monsters. Any charge into another monster any Hr and then you get ikat. Use a a plus on the side evil That that out of the game can be annoying. It's on now. I'm gonna i'm gonna get so light gray gray stuck in my head. I'm walking on crazy. That yeah i think. I think the other thing is well. I think to to consider is also we kind of talked about it earlier. In the shard is just that auto sequence and i noticed when i was looking at the death units they some really interesting mechanics. And we'll talk about this in some of your lists in in letting your opponent attack you and then you attacking back and then doing some all But some really interesting yeah movement mechanics and just just act of activation are locked the The new rule with data combat phase stuff like so when i looked at the bulkin. Assane manfred Combat and photo up. That's really good. But what if i'm planning is to nami that i'm thinking i always to hear i'm thinking one. I play against an army that fought the star of the combat phase. That can still killing but then once the book comes out that the rules and the new rule is stuff happens..

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