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Pretty important and it was drafting with the Attorney General and and and president fond sharp from the. Congress of American. Indians. Who I love. Because she's about action. And I think this is this is a great example of Really strong initiative. Out. The. Thank you for wanting to play that up before you do I want to throw out this bit of information last Wednesday spoke of. an article that used a formulation to deny. Two dozen tribes having members. And that was in episode two, Sixty, two. Okay and there was a formula that I mentioned that I thought ride included in the rundown, but it didn't make it. So I'm including the link to that formulation here. So, people can find it in to sixty three. If you listen to episode two, six, two, well, that's okay. I can including sixteen because I haven't I. Haven't updated the show rundown yet. Okay. That's all background for. 'em Really. Back. Just been slammed So yeah. I'm probably four or five episodes behind got. Included in. The, right episode. Yeah. Yeah. It's in the when I'm speaking of is in the additional article section brother. Okay. And the title is H. I H BG formula. The Indian health are Indian housing excuse me block grant formula okay. Sounds good. Orients, you. Okay. So let me like I said, get yourself your favorite cup of whatever. And getting in the future, what I'll do is because I have some, I have some pretty important environmental stuff I want to share with you guys but I think in the future what I'll do is I'll release these is bonus bonus content. But but I thought I'd tact assigned to the end because we've been talking about some pretty heavy stuff and I'm also wanNA play this because. I'll give you guys an example what can be done without. The federal government. And and and also till straight a problem and I believe in this clip to show fawn sharp explains some of the history..

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