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Show dot com all right I promised we would talk about aspirin here can and what it may do there a lot of the we know this is like science does this have you and I talk a lot and sometimes are you a little bit about science is proving itself somebody says aspirins good for is somebody else's aspirins bad for you I've I've stopped taking any me baby aspirins on your advice and yet it looks to me like I ought to be doing a little of it if I'm worried about having any kind of cancer well the reason why aspen is become so confusing is because it was a large study showing they taking aspirin low dose aspirin eighty one milligram today also called baby aspirin to prevent the first heart attack was not effective it is because more it's G. I. area Tatian and that study has confused so many people is that so much front page information but the important thing in that study is that you did not get into that study if you had any plaque in your corners so every person in that study had zero plaque in their corners so we're still keeping patients on aspirin to prevent the first heart attack if they have known plaque in their corners and more just eliminating those who take aspirin to prevent if they don't have any plaque in the courts and that is a very important distinction which has not been made clear in the front pages of the press but the new information is either yes and and happy I can't tell you I wish I had a recording that how many times I've had to discuss that with patience as they've read about and heard about aspirin not being helpful for prevention which is not only part of the story it's helpful for preventing the first heart attack only it it is helpful we're still keeping people on if they have plaque in their corners so big distinction they're not well discussed in the media and but well discussed on good day hell right yeah but it is so what yeah so with the new information this week at the journal American medical association with regards to aspirin prevention doesn't deal with the heart but it deals with cancer and what we learned is that using aspirin this low dose aspirin three times per week reduces the risk for death among those with certain types of cancer so see and this was an older people seniors people sixty five and older with prostate long colorectal or ovarian cancer who used aspirin three or more times per week our fifteen percent less likely to die from their disease than those who did not not use it at all and those with G. eyeing colorectal cancers benefit the most from aspirin use lowering their risk for death by more than twenty five percent all right there is very important information would seem to me sell it absolutely so he is so hard so what do you say to me what I am your patient what do I do about aspen well you have to sit down and look at your family rests for these items and and and make a decision and what you know if you have if you have a family history of GI colorectal cancer may not be a bad idea to think about adding a little bit of aspirin to use tear regiment I think this has to be individualized for each person right okay that's the important thing is different for everybody correct like the impact of most anything even though the Jinan projects here was the ninety nine point nine percent of our bodies are all the same chemically we react differently to different things some people are bothered for example by drinking beer I couldn't drink a full bottle of beer of my life and not have any impact my life depended on it I know guys my mother although she was now calling to put away all kinds of beer a friend of mine big guys six four could drink a six pack of beer and it wouldn't have any impact on him whatsoever at all the D. chemically act the this small amount of genetic variability has a huge impact on us so so when you give out the numbers it doesn't sound like a lot but but the differences are huge in terms of how we live our lives right okay next up the FDA has approved the first contact the lands that slows myopia progression I guess we don't know what my beer is first before you understand what this is a contact lens is actually going to do for us can well my LP is near sighted this where you have trouble seeing things you know far away right and so Mr site that's the name of this product and this was approved by the FDA it's the first contact lens indicated to slow the progression of myopia in children ages eight to twelve years and again this has been approved by the FDA so we're not talking theoretically here it's a single use disposable soft contact lens and it should be discarded after one day use and are not intended to be worn overnight they indicated to correct in slow progression of myopia in children with healthy eyes in like a standard corrective lenses one part of the Mister site contact lens corrects the refractive error to improve distance vision and concentric peripheral rings in the lands is also focus part of the light in front of the retina to reduce the stimulus causing myopia progression so this is really pretty amazing during the three during the entire three years children who wore Mr site plans is had less progression of myopia compared with those who wore conventional soft contact lenses researchers also found that children who wore Mr site lenses had less change in the axial length of the eyeball each yearly check up and no serious ocular adverse effects reported for any of the patients using Mr side to this is a pretty important breakthrough at high tech way to slow down the the problem with kids at not being able to see distances see makes you laugh hello this is just for children it offered out well it is this this particular device contact lens just for kids but I would imagine this will be they'll be a product tested in adults and blah blah blah room blah blah blah and that technical medical doc what are good and blah blah blah but we know well you'll you'll see a device that will be developed and then tested and hopefully it has the same benefit and effect but it needs to rid the blob of lies is the development and in research and then we'll report it hopefully sooner than later I just want to mention a call to action this week the it was reported this is really of great concern to me it was reported eighteen percent of American adolescents have pre diabetes and that's really just unbelievable pre diabetes is usually due to being overweight a it's when the blood sugar is between a hundred a hundred and twenty five it's higher than it should be but it's not yet at Frank diabetes and if you don't make adjustments in the diet this means cutting back on white flour products if you don't get into an exercise program you are going to get diabetes and eighteen percent of U. S. adolescents this is way too high and you know spend the day with me you'll see all the horrible impacted diabetes so this isn't a warning it can be prevented yep all right in a moment I want to connect the dots between here dies in straight nurs and then have a certain risk for certain types of women we'll talk about a new study with doctor can in a moment now time for us to bring your attention your focus around in the the look of your teeth when you smile in the mirror you like we're just saying we're talking earlier about brushing your teeth and that's one way of keeping here eating well is another way coffee tea wine and smoking because among other things your teeth to get less than bright as that for positive way Bernie they.

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