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We have enough science behind masks for me to believe in them but what I'm really worried about is when somebody wears a mask it's Dangling off their face. It's filthy it's dirty. It's hanging off their chicken and then they come zooming up right next to you as though they're invulnerable because of the mask they've lost sense of all reality should kids wear masks in school and close quarters I've talked to many Pediatricians Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialists obviously I interview them all the time they're convinced that if you have the right kind of a mess, kids can tolerate it it it. Really depends my kids. School has an emblem mask that that has the emblem of the school printed in it, and it's kind of like got a little filter on it and it's very comfortable to wear. So I think it's okay to have missed it schools provided they're not constricting masks they can be part of a of the apparel that you wear, but it shouldn't be a form of punishment as you say or some kind of confinement. Right. Yeah, and then you know I wanna hit you on. This is that there's talks about vaccine maybe being available by the end of this year maybe by early next year since kids don't seem to be as affected by this virus as much as people in the older age brackets would you recommend for parents to allow their kids to get this vaccination when? It comes out. So here's the answer to that. It's going to start with me a healthcare worker and older healthcare worker melts co workers are going to get it first we're going to watch they're gonNA tolerated it's GonNa work. Then we're GONNA say, Hey, give it to the elderly and the elderly get it. Then we say, Hey, give it to obese people risk. Conditions poor people, people that are more prone to severe side effects of minority communities. Then we're going to say, let's give it to the general population. Kids should not be on the front of the line because they tend to get mild cases. So I think by the time, it gets to the point where I've had it where a lot of older people who? Had it where people in high risk groups have it I'm going to be able to come back on here and say, Hey, you know what? We've already given it to a couple of hundred thousand people maybe a million people now let's try the kids. Yeah. Yeah. Well, let me back this up to you. Then as a dad hear about how old were you? When. You first became a dad and had becoming a father kind of change your perspective on life. I became a father when I was around forty and I have three children now and it changed my life incredibly because I just published the novel my first book at the time my son was was was born and I felt like I had two children, my book and him and I learned to divert myself from my own needs to his needs and I found that I was not living through him. That's not what father should do do not live through your kids but see your kids as having search have having special talents and skills and abilities that you don't have one of the things that that's really. Great I. I use two words to describe this cultivate your children's talents cultivate and the second word be proud of your children but don't don't know your children live what you never did or or never accomplished to wanted always to accomplish. That is an enormous mistake right now my oldest son is showing tremendous writing ability and I've been a writer ever since I was little and I'm so proud of him I i. read stuff I go Whoa who is this that writes better than me and they go wait a minute. This is my son but that's the extent of it. It's his career it's his right now he's working. Bush. But he's he's also publishing poems and short stories as I did. I'm so proud of him but I stay out of it, and so as your children get older, you do let us guiding and more and more. Pride more more just pleasure at seeing your your children. The best thing that a parent can do and I'm sure you agree is to see your children become independent succeed on their own. Yeah good stuff and I do agree one of the things. That's Kinda. Fun about it. Like my oldest son became interested in chess at an early age and it was a game that I never played in my life I. I never would have imagined myself playing chess but I ended up learning how to play it. Now, we all played the family. It's a big part of what we do and those are kind of things that you know you gotta follow and and get behind what they get interested in it. kind of takes you in different directions, which is pretty cool to see what would you say are the top values that you hope to instill in.

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