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Listen on your smartphone with the iheartradio app Steve share with me and us if, you could a quick. Story about the extent to, which Colonel Tom Parker drove Elvis almost to the. Grave the way he worked him there's a terrible story of Elvis being so tired he was practically unconscious Well it was almost entertainers servitude it got to the point where. Nothing manager, Colonel. Parker except that paycheck he probably I guess it. Was probably one of the most agenda gamblers anybody's ever seen you know at a time when most people were making. Fifty eight hundred dollars a. Week back in nineteen sixty nine I'm sorry fifty eight hundred dollars a year in nineteen sixty nine he, was gambling a. Million and a half a day by one account that came in from quote from Larry Geller so he had to come he had to always push this and push. Him and push in push him. And it was you know even in Vegas I mean he'd be there for two months and he. Worked two shows a night sometimes three seven days a week in an hour and twenty five minutes or so and he was the whole show it's. Not like you're a bass. Player in a band like Aerosmith or something or. Or a drummer were If. You have, an off night everybody else can carry you so he has such a high high energy show then he was so tired by the time he got off. The stage he was about cross. Eyed and Colonel Parker's just said as long as we keep doing dates everything will be fine well the The it started the hen badly Elvis started to be in poor health in one, time in particular he was date just before he had a. Day here, to.

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