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Comfortable jeans? And now a page from the diary of Flo. Dear diary, the ghost is back. This house is protected through progressive. But that doesn't mean it's not haunted. How else would you explain that radiator like clanking sound or the moon colored light in the hallway that's gone by morning? Maybe he never bundled home and auto and he's doomed to suffer an eternity without the savings. Save an average of seventeen percents on car insurance when you bundle home and auto through progressive. What was that? Oh, right. The wind. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Chad Discounts Hartman, not available weekdays in all states or noon situations. to three we will talk with What will congressman you discover Jason in Asheville Lewis North from Carolina. CBS news covering the Your White inner House. explorers The major you Garrett. hike mountain trails. So much. You creative streak as you stroll. The river arts There district is no we will get in to Asheville everything the that answers is can surprise you. unfolding unraveling Don't miss summer developing of glass in now the nation's through September apples featuring heirs at with the billboard Minnesota and a community department wide celebration of health press. of glass Thank you with so local much. exhibitions I appreciate tours. fine. Listen to Chad Visit anytime, explore ashville anywhere. dot com to plan. Your stay Dot com ashville slash Chad. discovery inside and out. There you go looking out your car window again. Sally Okay. duties It's a good new thing. Now all where in you're one going. hair-color That's kids. why Make it easy to spins color your time hair looking at home. ahead. Not Get just everything behind. you need Where's to color the traffic jam hugely before you radiant get to results what's the weather story left ahead by professionals. Open to tonight? everyone. What are key Sally news stories beauty. teeing up today? What's going to be going Ready? on tonight? Whether you're looking Tomorrow, for world news plenty of places are focused tell you what on happened state yesterday and local in call headlines. a news. But You'll to get find ahead, it on you CCA. need to Oh, look we're at how on the air. we We do get it every the day big picture NewsRadio and eight closer zero w snapshot. c What's CO going on around ahead. the world? And will it affect You Minnesota? may not And be how able does to Minnesota trust everyone. use affect our You nation hear on the news and world and whether world it's events near may or be confusing. far, we've all Don't the get news. it. But You you can trust hear the global us. state the news and the news Turn of to your state. your trusted Minnesota's for News news Radio and information eight three. Oh. Dot News CO. Radio..

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