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The victim is in serious condition. Cook County has already seen more murders this year than it did in all of 2019 years. WG ends Lauren lapped. The Cook County Medical examiner's office has confirmed 677 homicides this year. Surpassing the total of 675 for all of 2019. As of now, the county is on track to exceed 900 homicide deaths in 4500 and 65 homicides have happened inside Chicago City limits. 95% of the victims have been people of color in more than 86% of this year's homicides were gun related. Lauren Latka, WG and news. Pritzker says of Illinois doesn't see any federal aid many state and city jobs going to go by by his agency directors of mint. Ordered to identify 5% cuts that could be made of Congress doesn't approve an aid package and that also includes public safety and cities. Large and small. You've already seen challenges I think you know, in our police departments are fire departments across the state cities and counties. If they don't receive federal support, they won't be able to maintain their workforce. The governor says. No federal help may mean thousands of people are going to be furloughed or laid off out, right. Halloween is just six weeks away. Chicago Public Health Commissioner Dr Allison are, Watty says they're working on plans to make sure that residents and their kids could enjoy the day safely. There are discussions happening about that, where I know people are interested, but I would say, hold a little bit until we can see again. Where what? What were looking like over these next few weeks is we're heading into October on DH know that there will be some opportunity for certainly celebrating Some towns have already called off Halloween events to avoid crowds. Hurricane Sally making her presence failed on more than just the Gulf Coast News Nation reporter Debbie Williams is a little bit inland and Foley Alabama had been watching this rainfall for 24 hours now. We've had 20 inches of rain before our still coming down in buckets. She also says there's something.

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