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Stirring that is that Salunke when that pot got him up that pot and it's not that much sugar in the potty as they are because I do not like sugary sauce. So the next morning, Vicky wakes up with like a beard of knock Zima. She has laws face. Switzerland's tough. Especially Santa Claus every little kid on Christmas voted getting up that no dove hit the ninety gift. Okay. They're telling me I'm Trump is actually, I don't know what that means. So you know she fully has a weird Homer. Simpson like a white Homer. Simpson thing going on around her mouth and Kelly calls up show Lee Julius just like whatever I don't. I don't actually remember what Julia. Yeah, she's just like January that. So then Tam. Tam comes into Vicki's bed and Bakkies like, hey, heavy debts. You have the ODA subject. I has be Vic by watts riots at Abbott, knock eggs with the yet up at the buy pets at probably cheese to made me free play. Yes. The scrambled eggs. Okay. Did you pick shadow will like the data's today and jammers Crete talkative at me at the felt that lady does it now. Okay. Well, it's like Kellyanne. It'd be like, okay order rob. Kelly went downstairs enjoy. She's like, I want to show to. We had to work. Let's war Xanao. Vicki is very confident in her. I've got back wicked, be like best feds, laughing. All the tab w. f. Rebecca's apart which is every other season of this show. And Shannon, meanwhile, is doing something that I don't advise, which is she's taking a page out of the Peggy Peggy playbook from Iceland, which is she shut herself in her room and has not answering any calls or texts. Yeah, yes. Attacked him my door. So Vicki is now turning the tide. Okay. Because she's just been, everyone's just been yelled at my Shannon. So now she's like, if you touch shedded sick. I'm anxious such drank about that. Was her excuse, but I didn't even see drink a lot, but you know? Yeah, at the hotel we had like what Drake so it wasn't that much Mike. You were stumbling out of the hotel, you liar at that you did They like. don't like she did drink that much, which we saw her down like three drinks, at least one of those was a huge warranty me. Yes, because, but then we got back. I wanted to be like, hush had it. I just want to check out the that you to that. I love you about a happy. Do I to be at? She must have vodka. I love the kitchen with a candlestick. I have no. I have. No, it also I have a very limited vocabularies. I literally ran out of wets. He said he was, he cut a busted. That's what I thought. So yes, so now they're like gonna go and have a fun day or whatever and pick. He gets into some like Maccarone monstrosity. I don't know what it is like, oh my God. You like beyond says, agendas are Jay leno's I know what's ran out about a Fe droid and Ramona mash up that nobody needs to relive. Yeah, exactly. It would nobody. It was not. It was not pleasant. Yeah, was not cute, but so they're like, let's have that twig at cuss, Shannon alcoholic. Thanks, let's do this. And Timur of course, is going to again undermined vacations. Like defect. I got implants that she g somebody has, but I'm like, it's called casseroles. Okay. Lots and lots of casseroles was Steve. So Vicki calls Shannon on the best there on the best night going say, okay, God, it was straight to voicemail, the Soviet, but does that beat would it does even read the so weird. She must be truck if he did. He break. She has her phone off. You guys stop. Okay. She's saying this tonight. It's Vicky, but go Bob study. If you study, I can stay back. Okay. Just now because we're out the bus right now leaving you. So they have always funny as there on this bus or heading to the bobsledding thing. And I guess they're talking about like various religions that are on the island or in bobsledding or whatever, and they're like, is that like Chesham England? Or is it like Catholics and the guide is saying, like, what about Mormons? Is like, oh, yeah, we got Mormons and Lee goes. My people. He goes, yes, white people. No..

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