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To borrow to new york and back again a delta about once every hour and a half a united almost as frequently so and you get right down to it there's about thirty five flights a day they'd go from new york to los angeles and the same disaster tisco wareham rally again with nine that's a good sign with your time for the economy bright i'll tell you i was reading over that we can't i was reading an article about american airlines you know that they're now making mandatory at training do you have to do it if you work for american you have to take conflict resolution classes is it because of all the problems going on on the airlines david dow gained droid drug off the air play last year at all these different hours the united razi it was like something was that have already been taking always be mandatory if you're working with tons of people every day who are going to be stuck in a small area for hours shouldn't you know how to resolve conflict one of the things that people will be them the employees in american will be hubbing about today the fellow who's the chairman now's name is doug parker used to run us air he was a former american employee and went out and is always wanted to be the major domo of a major airline and now he's running the largest he was able to create creator the figure out how a small airline leg us air could take over american when they went bankrupt and so he has taken he's foregone a salary and he's taking stock bonuses based on what he got when he was chairman of us air and so last week he cashed in eighty million dollars where the stock for his pay for last year and americans made a lot of money and so are all the other airlines make a lot of money and here's how they do it one of the ways that.

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