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Eight. AM eastern time. He's none of them. Jayson stark Houria Jason rich. I'm great. How are you my friend? I'm doing fine. So is there going to be a special Bryce Harper corner or everybody just go from the winter meetings to his house is there shuttle? I mean what what's the setup here in Vegas? Lives in Vegas where the winter meetings are in his town in the year that he's a free agent. You just can't make this stuff up. I I I would say it's safe to assume that got bores has been collecting every bell, and every whistle that could be collected. And. The brace. Harper storylines will be wurley whether he signed meetings. There's a whole nother story. But we'll be talking about them nonstop. Why had him on the show a couple of weeks ago, Scott Boris, and I asked him if he's going to wait from charter to go first, he says, those are two totally unrelated issues. Do you believe that? No, they're not one is gonna set the market for the other. You know, Scott has this ability to create a bidding war in which the war is not necessarily team per team. But teams bidding against this mythical records that he believes Bryce needs to set Bryce needs to be the highest paid player in the game either measured again, the highest dollars per year or the biggest total contract with Jim Carlos Stanton deal or ideally in Scots world, both and. Even if there's only one team in the bidding, I I'm convinced. It's Scott will find a way. To have that team did against that dynamic. But the other side of the coin is Dan Lozano thinks the same stuff about many. And so, of course, they're linked. But I mean, so what do you think the market is for both? Let's start with with Bryce Harper because we're hearing that Magic Johnson's flying out with the dodgers contingent to go hang out in Vegas. That was the the yacht. Who sports report the other day that the dodgers shot down that magic even personally shot down. And I would not count out the dodgers. I mean, you can't right. But I also had people inside the dodgers tell me in within the last counter year. So we're out of the ten year nine figure contract business. Well, they're not gonna get Bryce Harper with at signing him for lease ten years, and at least nine figures that's safe to say, right? So we will we'll see about that part of it. The dodgers have played it very coyly. But it's such a perfect fit. It's certainly something to watch. Okay. So how many teams do you think are in on on Bryce Harper? I mean again that Yahoo sports report by Jeff passan, Tim Brown said upward of a dozen teams as you know, as I called around and about that since I I would take the under on that. I think it's really a much tighter circle. I think so is art completely in it. The White Sox clearly in it the national are lurking. But it's more challenging for them. Now after the Patrick Corbin deal. And then the many are truly monitoring this. I don't think they're bidding. But there then they don't need Jason date. They don't need him. I mean, you've got you've got in your outfield. Obviously you've already got that three hundred million dollar player or whatever else is left on Stanton's contract. Judge is a generational talent. That the whole fan base is head over heels in love with you're not putting him in center field. I mean, the it so while and. And on that front too. I don't think they need Machado either. I don't I don't care the D gregorious might not play next year. I mean, how many people come back from Tommy John surgery and throw one hundred miles an hour. I mean, I'm serious get through the you'll need to commit three hundred million dollars to to Manny Machado, if you're the Yankees, but I will. I'm with you. I think many is actually the better fit. You know, there are a lot of parallels here to Aaron Boone gets hurt playing basketball. And next thing, you know, Alex Rodriguez a Yankee. Concoc- that story line. Many has communicated to the Yankees from what I've heard that. He would like to be a Yankee. And again, they're clearly monitoring this are they are they gonna pay him three hundred million dollars. I don't see that depends. I think how badly he wants to be a Yankee. But the fact that he could start out playing short..

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