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Don't even though newton says this is exactly the sort of vast wasteland that was talking about whenever he is a say it this is npr hi were back and listen to car talk with us click and collect the tabart brothers near to talk about cars car repair enda the answer to last week's puzzling here it is you know him i don't remember it at all this was supply by listening named shelly pain and i quote more or less with the necessary up the station so whatever several years ago my father in law who lives in minnesota had trouble with his late model cadillac deville his battery kept dying every couple of days should get a it would run fined for few days but then die again he took it to the dealership and they did this in a quick little they value batteries are a your alternate is alright they sent him away they couldn't selma new car so they gave up what are they care for nuts and one one morning last winter after there had been several inches of snow remember this is minnesota he cher was what the number of yours you'll lie he went out and sure enough the battery was dead so he jumpstarted the car i went to town to get a cup of coffee at the local drugstore where he used to hang out now being lives in the small town he product right in front of the drug store he was in a crummy mold ma drinking a cup of coffee he complained to the pharmacist about how his car was driving him kogel the pharmacist asked that your car right out there yes it is he said the pharmacist said i know why your car was dying what did the pharmacist seat i remember all the facts what are the fiscal bashing will back over every visit late low cadillac hero for a few days noha who was winter the dealership didn't find anything wrong with shifting current slow as the key stay ago the slow is the key the snow is the key minnesota snows mills rugova smells us the drug is roggee looks are.

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