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They'll be employed again so we want to help them over that time where they're having a little bit of trouble to utility companies already spent ten billion dollars on the nuclear project work was stopped since the primary contractor westinghouse filed for bankruptcy jumped gristle the cbs news kyw news time nine twenty two access it groom sponsors traffic and transit on the twos well we begin with the schuylkill expressway never knew it could be so busy at nine o'clock at night westbound on the schuylkill we've got construction from gladwin out to gulf mills that has the left lane shut down until five a m now compounding this problem the off ramp the gladwin is closed because of an accident so if you coming out of center city you can exit at city abdur belmont avenue follow conju hawkin state road also known as route 23 follow that westbound to get to gladwin now eastbound on the schuylkill there's a disabled tractortrailer in the right lane just past the gulf mills the problem is that there setting up construction in that area and the construction zone on the eastbound side will be the right lane from gulf mills to just past contra hawkin market 334 and then they'll be in the left lane from among market three three five point seven that's approaching the gladwin on route to city avenue so on the eastbound side you start in the right lane from gulf mills to ask the blue route and then it'll be the left lane heading past the curve to city avenue northbound ninety five with got construction at the woodhaven wrote off ramp that ramp is closed until five tomorrow morning use academy road or street road to get around that in some on burlington county and acts investigation as to us six southbound closed that will grow road you can use 541 stokes road northbound on the garden state parkway are jeep sure jam cam is showing a backup of about nine miles west been on the ceecs we've got delays approaching seventy three on over to sick louisville rural rhode a jeep sure jam cam once again showing a big backup of about nine miles on the northbound garden state parkway approaching the.

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