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Birdie a welcome to the crappy awards twenty twenty one inc warranty <hes>. Virtual crappy this is where the crappies began. Wow y- tonight just like the old days you guys. Twenty twenty one has been quite a year. I'd like to congratulate everybody. I mean twenty twenty with quite a year. Twenty twenty one. You know. it's had some shit to already. Twenty twenty was quite a year. So congratulations to everybody for making it through so much has happened in one year. I just think to what it was like before. The whole corona virus thing. I mean things were so great. I was just like sitting alone in my house eating too much. Playing mario talking to no one watching housewives way. Yeah still pretty much. Do that but seriously <hes>. This year a virus spread across america causing illness. Sadness and loss but enough about kim zolciak. Okay i know. Just think the biggest plague facing this country before this. Jack's taylor guys you know. I spent a good amount of twenty twenty just playing animal crossing. Which as you it's a game about a bunch of animals stuck on an island up. Some of you may not original named the real house. Believe sorry they laugh to sued new york city already. The punchline about to land and the country has gone through a lot you know. I mean besides the corona virus. We've had political upheaval. I mean america's now even more trillions of dollars in debt. I mean no one in government watches housewives. And if they did they'd get fifty girlfriends and force them all to give america hundred bucks on your birthday. I mean we'd still be in debt but lady liberty would have a gucci bag to show for it. You know the on a serious note. The nation was very shocked a few weeks ago when an angry mob raided the capital. And all you gave them was a pizza. Jennifer eight in and we finally got a new president this week and the nation breathes a sigh of relief. Now look i know all of you have different political opinions and that's fine. My personal opinion is thank god that the orange thing left on my. Tv's ram be read mid no but you know the thing is i mean current events were one thing but so much actually happened in the world but it seemed like so much more happened on bravo. Yeah i mean house was getting fired. So many housewives got fired a record amount. I mean it was a slaughterhouse and it was not the organic kind either. there was a lot of botulism in that meet. Okay housewives caster transforming faster than derek kinsley space. Have you seen that thing. It looks like an elbow anyo on below deck mid hannah. Ferrier was fired for smuggling valium onto the boat and then on vanderpump rules jackson brittany were fired for smuggling food via onto bravo and then we have of course. Our trustee good old friend alcoholism. Okay got real outside of new york trying to convince that she's alcoholic then you've got the real housewives of orange county trying to convince bronwyn that she's not an alcoholic and you got the rest of us sitting over here like what. What are you idiots fighting over k. Do you try and tell the mailman. He's a mailman. You're alcoholics okay. Do your jobs less talking more. Drank he here here here here if we had if we had like a good old fashioned like golden girls mom's earthy monologue clap would be right there and when i can figure this thing out i will move to that button so another thing that happened. So the massive fight between candice amani that sent to'mix ratings through the roof which just goes to show that audiences crave conflict so as a result bravo will now be rebranding top chef as the gail simmons thunderdome of ham my head teddy mellon campus fired in public. Outrage breakout over her diet. I mean people were really furious when they found out that customers were getting thin with starvation. Lots of exercise in a crazy woman bullying them day and night. Berating them for their food choices. They called it all in with teddy. I called it my child head

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