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Live from NPR news. I'm Corvette Coleman Chief Justice John Roberts will administer the judicial oath to Amy Cockney Barrett today as an associate justice to the U. S Supreme Court. It's one of two oaths required. NPR's Claudio Gonzalez reports. Barrett took her first constitutional oath last night at the White House. Before a socially distanced and largely masked crowd. Barrett thank the Senate for confirming her to the court. It quickly followed a Senate confirmation vote largely along partisan lines on Ly Republicans voted for Barrett in one GOP member, Susan Collins of Maine. Joined Democrats to vote against the confirmation. NPR's Claudia Gonzalez about 65 million Americans have now voted early, according to Professor Michael MacDonald of the US election project. He estimates the early vote so far is equal to about 47% of all the votes counted in the 2016 election. Starting today, Facebook is suspending all new political ads until after Election Day, NPR's Amy held reports on the social media companies latest efforts to limit election chaos. For now, Facebook is no longer accepting any new political or issue advertising, saying the final week before Election Day may not leave enough time to contest new claims. Whether that move will have much impact, though, is uncertain. Already published ads can keep running that ends after polls close when Facebook says it will block all political and social issue ads for a week or perhaps more. Google is also blocking political ads after Election Day. Twitter announced last year a ban on political advertising, Facebook has taken a serious of steps to crack down on voter intimidation and misinformation, including redirecting users, too accurate information about results. Facebook is a financial supporter of NPR. Amy Health NPR NEWS Tropical storms data is over Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula it made landfall is a hurricane and is expected to regain strength as it heads north toward the U. S. Remember station W O RK F Paul Braun reports It's expected to become the seventh storm to strike Louisiana. Tropical Storm Zeta is expected to strengthen into a Category one hurricane before making landfall in the states. Sometime Wednesday, Governor John Bell Edwards urge storm weary Louisianans to make preparations once more The good thing and the bad thing at same time as we've had a lot of practice this year. Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta struck southwest Louisiana just 43 days apart with devastating effect, But Zeta is heading farther east. And so I'll tell you I'm relieved that as of right now at least, the storm is not Tracking towards southwest Louisiana. We don't think that that's likely it all more than 1000, members of the Louisiana National Guard have been activated to place temporary flood barriers and conduct search and rescue operations. For NPR News. I'm Paul Braun. Inbound Rouge. You're listening to NPR news. A fast moving wildfire south of Los Angeles has burned more than 10 Square miles, but has forced more than 90,000 people to evacuate. California officials say the Silverado fire has critically injured two firefighters. A new study finds women with postpartum depression may struggle with symptoms for up to three years after childbirth as NPR's re to Chatterjee reports, The findings suggest doctors should screen mothers for depression multiple times after they've given birth. Researchers screened about 5000 mothers in New York state for depression at four months, one year two and three years after childbirth. About a quarter off.

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