National Guard, Joe Biden, President Trump discussed on The Car Pro Show


90 a M and K 259 a. J. Austen 99.7 F them getting America Vaccinated. I'm Pam who? So Fox News? That's the promise from President elect Joe Biden, who hopes to use his 1st 100 days in office to vaccinate 100 million people against the coronavirus. Here's his plan expand vaccine eligibility to people. 65 up also include frontline workers. He wants to deploy the National Guard and FEMA to help states distribute those Vaccines and also make them available in pharmacies as well as launch mobile vaccine units. But these plans on Lee work if there are more vaccines available to administer Fox is Hilary von. Beating the virus will cost money. The president elect has proposed a nearly $2 trillion relief package that Republicans worry will contain unrelated items. We can't be cutting trillion dollar tracks like they're going out of style specifically on minimum wage. What does that have to do with reopening our economy and get things going again? House Republican Tony Gonzalez of Texas proponents say raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour could raise millions of people out of poverty. Between now and the inauguration. Washington D. C is being sealed their security barriers all over the city. Here. We're seeing more security than even most D C residents are used to seeing Washingtonians are used to heighten security. This is a different kind of level with 7 21,000 National Guard troops stationed throughout the city, including some 5000 active duty troops all coming, of course, in the wake of last week's riots up on Capitol Hill, the National Park Service enacting a temporary closure of the National Mall. Boxes Mark MEREDITH around the capital fencing has been installed along with razor wire and barricades made of concrete blocks. The nation's capital isn't the only place locked down. All federal prisons went into lockdown mode at midnight. Officials say the measure is precautionary, not prompted by specific information about violence..

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