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As vaccinations remains slower than expected. America's listening to Fox News 62 Good morning, Patrick Osborne Topping Austin's news when the Legislature gavels in next week, House Democratic Caucus chair Chris Turner will call on lawmakers to hold Attorney General Ken Paxton accountable for the unrest in Washington this week. He's been critical of Paxton's challenge of the election results. It did damage in the sense that it helped fuel these strange conspiracy theories that somehow Donald Trump actually won the election that we all know the excellent loss attorney says the Legislature could censure Paxton restrict his budget or even limit the scope of his lawsuit. Ah, lot of people are looking for answers following the unrest this week. Some people are trying to figure out a way to reconnect the political left and right over political science professors say the left and right just really don't like each other anymore. And don't Spectrum. Texas public policy foundations, Dr Kevin Roberts says. The fix for that starts with your neighbors. It starts in our homes and let us pledge this weekend each of us to go out and shake their hands and introduce ourselves to someone we might not have, because we have AH difference of opinion. Politically, he says. That done millions of times over will bring the country out of the stupor this week has brought on John Cooley. NewsRadio, Kale, BJ Covert hospitalizations that kept climbing this week. The past couple of days have seen the total rise a bit. More slowly than we have seen. Right now. They're 573 people hospitalized. That's an increase of only four from a day ago. Big increase, though, has been seen an active cases jumping by 515 over the past day. Now it's 5616. Overall, there have been 54,814 cases found since last year, resulting in 48,633 recoveries. The Austin Convention Center looks like it will be put to use for a spillover site for recovering covert patients. Dr. John Abbott College with the Travis County Medical Society tells CBS Austin. There's a real worry about staffing, so they are issuing a call for doctors from elsewhere to step in and help. 10 or 20, or 30 volunteers that would make a difference. That would be helpful. Doctors would have to staff door to man about 10 to 12 beds by there by themselves, despite a strong belief among Austin public health at the convention center will be needed very soon. No official request has been made yet to begin using it. It is 604. Now let's go look at the roadways. Austin's on time traffic years down, Pryor Major thoroughfares looking really good right now, folks still not seeing any build up of any significance Tol be aware of. If you're heading out right now on your morning commute Fact I'm not seeing any rex or stalls or traffic hazards being reported anywhere at the moment, Don prior with Austin's on time. Traffic..

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