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I think that there are parenting is its own journey. Grand parenting is another journey being a business person and entrepreneurs her nurse another journey we each have roles in life that we are here to fulfil and to be sensitive to the callings to the things that call us is so important and that starts with the sacred childhood if we did not have a sacred childhood does how does it affect us. Well you know that some of the indigenous the indigenous wisdom tells us that changes as we make now affect seven generations ahead of us and seven generations back and that's exciting too so it's never you too late to make a change to evolve to a better place of being and I really think that's the key and that's Dr Cheryl you had mentioned it evolve mets it's and our commitment to that our awareness of it our our willingness to be open to continual evolving is what will make the difference. France in the world make a difference in our own home in our own family with our children. No matter what age they are and many people who have grown adult children. Are you say them selves. What did I what Ha what could I have done differently. Whatever you we can still we can still need unique them where they're at. We can still do work on the inner which we haven't talked about at all but that's a part of sacred. Parenting is working on the inner with the with the higher self of your child. Your Higher Self Are you speaking from a parent apparent in their higher self or the child in their higher self both higher self stalking communicating. I say talking but I really remains working together playing together. It can be as simple as a as a air before bedtime between my higher self and my child's higher self with help us meet tonight as we're sleeping so we can workout whatever differences we have so that we can find joy together so that we can support each other be whoever were meant to be that's just one simple thing we can do and I recommend for my clients silence that we do with young children too that we are because again. They're not able to clearly talked to us about what's important at Asher. You're saying to be on that positive swain that you know loving kind positive swing things just get so much you people. I think learn more and they can produce more and act out and take action when it's happy in flowing and kind and loving high I would agree with that and one thing you said was flowing. Sometimes it's more flowing to be authentic even in pain and it is to be a false happy oh totally excuse me and but the goal would be more joyful or uplifting ration- is absolutely a good spot the aim for well. I could talk about the importance of what I call sacred curiosity and that is the that's that's the ability to see with the heart and the ability to remove our own filters so that we aren't unintentionally interrupting erupting what we're maybe seeing or sensing it's using all of our senses not only our outer five cents but also our inner senses the inner senses would be typically could be called clairvoyance or Claire Audience or those kinds of things they are true. Census is in that we most of us have the ability to cultivate the city. We can connect with our children. Don't you call that the sixth sense there's more than and six so yeah. There's like leaper when we're when we're yeah we're curious about our children in a sacred way. We're honoring who they are. If we're curious from the EGO were looking to kind of validate our own thought like Oh that he's interested in that frog because I they like frogs as opposed to he may be interested in that frog for other reasons he might be his his natural intelligence might be one of nature frogs trees and snakes may all hold value for him and the sacred curiosity celebrates. The child is who they are again so thank you you for letting me share these notions of how we can see our children more clearly because benefit and we do and I'm I'm looking forward to the sacred parent your boast. ACORD parent nine keys to consciously onboard your child a thriving life. Yes thank you so much. Timing couldn't be any better..

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