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Probably their best chance. Making into a state championship up until now, and it's kind of the unfinished simply. There's the great unknown as to if that game is played in normal weather conditions. How might that have played out for Daniel? Because that memorial team went on then to beat Bro buff in the state championship? Some six days later. So Dan well, even though they have changed coaches frequently, the last 10 to 15 years they have been consistently good in football for a long time. And even though there's great respect for shit tard, there's not the shock in all of playing shit tard because of the recent history, knowing that Daniel has won the last two postseason meetings. If that's the second worst weather you've ever seen. What's the 1st 2011 in that year that year did more for artificial turf sales in the state of Indiana, Not 2000 and 2009. Because eight of the 1st 11 weeks we had rain. And by the time we got to the postseason, you were watching a tractor pull it, which is all mud The guys were playing on the specific game would have been in the sectional round. Cardinal Ritter versus Heritage. Christian Ritter won that game six. Nothing on the young man that was the punter for Heritage. Christian can name Alex Butterworth ended up playing at Penn State, and I'm pretty sure is because he took the game tape of me and Dick dollar hand. Singing his praises, hitting 60 yard bombs into the wind and showed that to the folks at Penn State, and that's how he got a scholarship in happy You're getting kids scholarships, even if you tried to help the family when I can't What's the difference in the three a game? You think Shit. Tard has more talent. Guitar has played a better schedule. But I think Danville is good enough to hang with them. I think what actually helps you tart in this case is they have not had easy wins the last two weeks. Um, because you know they they have played about as difficulty of a gamut as you could. During the state tournament. They had to go through brah buff and Garin a second time. In the tournament. They beat those two teams handling the regular season and largely had similar victories in the postseason. But they played Fort Wayne Concordia to a 10 point game. They had the closest game of any team that won their semi state last week. The five point victory against Michelle Walker marry in the start, folks will tell you Hey, we should have squeeze should have led by more. We should have put that game away earlier. Then they did, but they didn't. So I think, knowing that they have one close game the last couple of weeks. I do think that helps them because Dan will really hasn't been seriously challenge during this postseason run. I think the big game experience and the caliber of schedule.

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