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Northwest dot com two dow lead remember show on july no one you're all day felt john gibson it is john gibson showdown trump no immigrant welfare for five years triple eight seven eight eight nine nine one zero desert sound like a good idea to you mike in both in green kentucky yes or no of course it does is there any common fence up there all anymore i mean five years is not that long you don't have something to give you shouldn't be coming over here in the first five you know i mean you think of refugees from wars united dip well i i think it may end up being different yeah i i don't know the trump trump's suggestion you know he kind of is we know from a a previous pronouncements romeo me ten kind of makes you sweeping things in and somebody asks him later all await a minute what about this when ghana so i suspect that refugees from war torn areas to the extent we let him in the get some help but but people just showing up in getting a a visa or a even a green card i just get a job i mean get a job give them i wanna dollars or get started out it'll job earning their own living like well i think what i think the solution is okay so you're not going to get welfare cheques you now going to give the btc urgent are going to get as section eight housing you're not going to get stuck by know what's going to happen is people who are already here and establish from the same immigrant community are going to have to get together and help these people out brighton i think to a certain extent that does go on torture in in it's what we expect to happen if if the immigrant you know just pick out something which has say it's the cds who are under attack in in persecution by the by isis so easy these come here there's a uz the community this should take them in and you should give them jobs and help him get on their feet and get going what why should be on the rest of us hey i own by the way i don't know to what extent.

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