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Number twenty full departure of the sieff and number twenty five genesis. Then okay. let's get some answers for today's quiz round. One was the nineteen ninety s number. One country that hosted the nineteen ninety. Four world cup was italy number to the decades highest. Grossing film was titanic number three the fashion designer that was shot and killed outside his miami beach. Home was geneva saatchi the before the african nation that gained independence from ethiopia in ninety-three eritrea and number five. The animated comedy tv series about those two teenage delinquent. Couch potatoes was beavis and butthead. Round two was the allergies round. So i gave you five words ending in o l. o. g. y. And it asked you to do is to name the study that it pertains to for example psychology would be the study of mind and behavior number. Six entomology is the study of insects. The seven android. Tv is the study of health and disease in males. The -brate oncology is the study of existence being anti the mine. Seismology is the study of earthquakes and finally first round number ten. Scatology is the study of feces route. Three was the general knowledge round number eleven. The tomb of the prophet muhammad is in medina limit. Twelve ireland's first. Female president was mary robinson number. Thirteen larry adler was famous for playing the hull. Monica number fourteen. The usa purchased alaska in eighteen sixty seven from russia. A number fifteen vistula river flows through walsall round. Four was the missing members round. I asked you to name the missing member from the particular group whose other members i would mention number. Sixteen run. bill percy ginny. Fred and george The weasley children from harry potter and missing from that group. Charlie number seventeen atlantic pacific indian an arctic will. These are all the oceans of the world except for the southern ocean or we'll give antarctic ocean as well number. Eighteen asked the audience and fifty fifty. These are the original lifelines from who wants to be a millionaire. There were three of them and the third was phone a friend. The mid nineteen frontal accessible and temporal lobes of the brain and the mri one here is the parietal and twenty. The masters tournament the pga championship. The open championship are three of the four. Men's annual gulf championships. The fourth of the missing one here is the. Us open round. Five was movie opposites. I asked you to guess the name of the film from the clue given which had been phrased in opposite terms number. Twenty one. sit away from you is stand by me. number twenty. two placid cow is raging bull. Twenty-three yes town for young women is no country for old men. Number twenty four departure of the sieff is return of the jedi and finally genesis then number twenty.

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