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Arm waterfalls at Jesse Malta Bush, and on our guest today is the lovely Helen's late. Yes. The same Helen Slater, who astonishingly. How can it be thirty five years ago? You were supergirl. How is that possible crazy? I know because you still look super to me. Oh, isn't that nice, but I'm just telling the truth. That's how you've been married, so many years. To say thank you. Thank you. That's so sweet. And I mean, that was I'm we're going to get the whole back story because we're going to grill you all this. But that was your first movie. Yes. And it's it became I, I guess your signature is the best way to put it. But who could have envisioned certainly not you or anybody else that you'd be still involved with supergirl, all these years later and its newest incarnation. Yeah. It's to be playing her mother. Now, I play super girl's mom on the CBS, or now CW show. No see coaching c w think it's still CW. Yes, but a station with letters. We'll just go. I mean, it is sort of the, it's just the oddest job to have had to have played that role because then on smallville which was also about the superman as you know, as a teenager, I played his biological mom from creek. Thanh. And then there's another one to all the animated series. I play Martha Kent. So I think they time they just enjoy. It's not only me, I think it's all of us that have been in this DC universe. Get asked again. And again or what a lovely thing all my gosh. It's so sweet. It's great for you guys who get to do it, and it's great for the fan. Well, I just was at a Comecon in England. Oh, mind, you know, I can tell you, the, the fans the people that are real DC world fan. They are they just love those connections and being able to like a really good. We are talking about this last night, because I was telling my dad doesn't get to watch a lot of TV. And I was saying that this is something that's so common where they bring people in, and it, it really makes it multigenerational in a whole other way. Yeah. So it's not just someone may not know you or supergirl. But now you're super. Girls mum. Yes. And in what at the comic cons, a lot of times it's the parents that's it and the kids will have seen the TV show. And but they always, you know, at the kamikaze they'll print up some right right right in the supergirl. Hang, and sometimes the kids are just like staring at it like it doesn't quite make sense. Melissa Benoist as supergirl from that person on the dad is saying, all that was Super Bowl when I was, and she's very. You too are quite similar. She's very simple, qualities..

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