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County for NPR news. I'm rusty Jacobs in Chapel Hill a jury in Virginia has convicted self-proclaimed Neo Nazi James, Alex fields of first degree murder for the death of an activist at last year's white nationalist rally in Charlottesville hall Spencer reports from member station W C, the jury found fields guilty for the death of Heather higher who was killed when fields drove into a crowd following last year's unite the right rally, several the surviving victims still have trouble walking local activists to Nisha. Hudson was outside the courthouse following the verdict. She says it sends a powerful signal don't think that you can come here and do this type of stuff and get away with it fields. Now twenty one could face up to life in prison when the jury returns next week to recommend a sentence for the charges hall, Spencer in Charlottesville. This is NPR news. President Trump wants State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert to become the next US ambassador to the United Nations. If confirmed Nauert replace Nikki Haley who stepping down at the end of the month. The White House says that unlike Haley now, we're would not have a cabinet level position. Meanwhile, the president is tapping William bar to become his next attorney. General Matthew Whitaker has been acting AG since Jeff Sessions was forced out of the job six yellow vest. Protesters have met with Francis prime minister as Paris braces for another violent weekend as NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports the city's police presence in the French capital will be double that of last Saturday. There will be eight thousand police officers out in Paris compared to four and a half thousand last week and their orders have changed last week. Police were told to avoid direct confrontation with protesters and keep them away from sensitive areas the strategy failed. So this week their orders are to engage with violent individuals and remove. Them several yellow vest. Protest groups across France have called on their members not to go to Paris because of the strong possibility of violence the police are expecting far left far. Right. An anarchist groups to try to fill the yellow west demonstrations end so chaos yellow vest representatives coming out of their meeting with the prime minister told French television, he listened and was well aware of the gravity of the situation. Eleanor Beardsley impair news Paris, Wall Street, stocks tumbled Friday capping a tumultuous week for investors. Weaker than expected jobs report and trade tension sent blue chips plunging over two percent. I'm Shay Stevens. NPR.

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