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Relief that our home's Berle saving. We don't understand how they got safe because s you can see right in the corner there if I really got close to the house, and we have a lot of big trees here their park and playground. However were destroyed the plastic sides melted from the heat of the flames and the picnic area is just decimated. We are going to start doing something for the community. So we can rebuild our FARC. This is the reason why would bite like we. We are here at least area all our kids birthday parties when they were little where done here. And so it's just. Heartbreaking to see it all destroy now in another nearby community between lost hills in Las virgin is Jim says they dodged a bullet. There was fire on either side, and they missed us so feel really lucky all of them simply grateful. They have homes to return to in Calabasas. Margaret, caro- KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Johnny fire chief Adair laws pieces the area burned by this the Wolseley fire larger than the city Las Vegas bonus s with teams are doing the assessment Davidenko five four hundred and thirty five structures that are destroyed their walking many canyons by foot or by vehicle in certain areas because the access is very limited. So take several more days for them to get a complete accurate account of structures lost. But in my estimation that number is going to rise significantly as they go through more pockets of Kenyans heading west fifty seven thousand structures still threaten. Thirty-five percent contains the fire chief auspices. Forecasters you expect the onshore winds Thursday and Friday that's going to change the direction of fires. That are burning also expects rainfall to hit the area sometime next week creating concerns about mudslides an army of planes, helicopters, and fire engines scrambled to the lake Sherwood area. After it looked as if a massive surge from the Wolsey fire was going to head toward homes and ranches in that area. At one point the plume from the fire could be seen for more than twenty miles is more than two square miles of unburned. Brush went up in smoke tour county fire chief Chad Cookson while it look bad the fire actually accomplished something positive by removing fuel from the area. It ran right up through what we call the Sereno valley area, which has no structures in it. It is just a large open fuel bed that ran up into some rocks. Cook says we may be seeing these type of spot fires for awhile is winds come in from the ocean, and which may push flames back into unburned area near homes, but as long as they have both engine companies to defend the homes and aircraft is still the fire down. They have a good. Chance of avoiding any additional property losses in lake Sherwood. Pete Demetrio KNX ten seventy NewsRadio says some people chased from their homes stole they could return. Then there was a rude awakening that flare up at forced the again, if I'd go back to work today. And I saw this from seamy valley is talking about the flare up.

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