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The human corneas angst in the nfl by richie john's of northern california is ablaze with wildfires with a lot of fire season still to go can pimm lots head of the california department of forestry and fire protection as we speak right now over fourteen major fires burning crossed eight counties from mendocino lakes and no ma napa across the valley to uber nevada and into abused beyond that much says there are santa ana wins in southern california several homes are burning thanks to our brush fire near the riverside freeway in anaheim hills to schools have been closed in orange county traffic spent shut down on too busy freeways congressional democrats are not happy that what they thought would be a real chance to compromise over immigration has been shut down by new demands from president trump finding and constructing a border wall cracking down on sanctuary cities putting greater restrictions on illegal immigration and cracking down on unaccompanied minors entering into the us among many other ida correspondent sunlen serfaty on the president's new todo list the head of the environmental protection agency scott pruitt says he will sign an order tomorrow ending the clean power plan plan which was established during the obama administration rules aimed to restrict green house gas emissions from coal fired plants spent a day in the nfl that it would rather forget the nfl men to distractions move on miami dolphins head coach adam gaze on the sudden resignation of offensive line coach chris forster this morning this after a video showing forster snorting some sort of white powder surfaced on social media also to superstars are done for the season jj watt where the broken leg odell beckham junior with a broken ankle and hall of fame quarterback ya tittle has died at age ninety played for the colts forty nine overs and a wrapped up a hall of fame career with the.

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