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News money news at 25 and 55 here's Jeff clay ball John dolman the Dow is up a 125 points The S&P 500 Index is up 28 that's a half percent the NASDAQ's up 86 points a little more than a half percent McDonald's pulled out of Russia in March but it didn't leave employees and landlords there high and dry McDonald's says it has spent $27 million to continue paying employee wages in Russia and leases there McDonald's also wrote off a $100 million for inventory that will likely spoil Good quarter for Comcast It had a more than expected 262,000 broadband customers revenue had its universal theme park business was more than double a year ago The Olympics and Super Bowl boosted advertising revenue at Comcast's NBC by 60% the D.C. metro continues to gain jobs although it has slower pace than some large metros The D.C. region ended March with 59,000 more jobs in a year ago there were 121,000 unemployed adults in the D.C. metro last month 47,000 fewer but a year ago Jeff Gable WTO news Money news brought to you by tropical smoothie cafe Island flavors have arrived at tropical smoothie cafe Try their new tropical teriyaki flatbread and dragon fruit or star fruit smoothies for a taste of the tropics today Official smoothie of the Washington Nationals Coming up here on WTO President Biden insisting the economy remains resilient despite new numbers showing it shrank for the first time since the early days of the pandemic We'll.

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