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The advice i want becca and tanya when do i say enough is enough and my falling for stupid games or is it about being patient we've talked about the future marriage kids work at cetera at all matches up we still fall into the onoff routine the of witting me out is that if he's telling the truth when he says that if we date we would get married then why is he not making strides toward that if he never would have said any of this to me i wouldn't have continued to do this on an off thing for the past four years i don't lie confrontation so the thought of having a serious conversation within about this makes me nauseous i'm 2003 he's 2004 i know that's young i don't like the idea of casually dating when it rather be with one person working toward building a life together ps i'm a huge gray's fan and a work in a hospital so i love to pretend i'm in an episode a grace now relatable in i would tell you well done my advice is i hate com i hate confrontation and i hate those conversations that need to happen in these situations but for you to have any sort of clarity and be able to move on whether y'all move forward together you move on and are finally able to do your own thing without constantly having him the back of your mind you have to have that conversation because it sounds like it's just been a back and forth game for about four years now and i understand why you're tired of it yeah i i think that subconsciously you having this relationship with this guy is prohibiting you from may be falling in love with somebody else so i do think i don't think you can have the best of both worlds i think you either need to actually date this guy and take it to the next level or think you need to not have them in your life i do you expressed to hear route said i finally express that i felt strongly for him and wanted to be with him if you can do that.

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