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Will be some time before the recovery is complete. Meanwhile, Corona virus cases have spiked again in Europe in the United States. Gyms are Oli NPR news, Tropical Storm Zeta is surging toward the mid Atlantic after ripping through the southeast. At least three deaths are blamed on the storm. NPR's Debbie Elliot reports the system is knocked out power for more than two million customers. Winds from tropical storms. ADA have left a path of destruction across the south, Uprooting trees, knocking down power lines and damaging homes and businesses. School systems have closed or delayed the start of classes in several states. Zeta came ashore as a Category two. Hurricane and Cocodrie, Louisiana Wednesday evening it crossed over southeast Louisiana and then struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast before moving swiftly through the Southeast. It's the strongest storm to hit the U. S this late in the hurricane season in more than 100 years. Debbie Elliot NPR NEWS Atlanta The US Supreme Court says elections officials in North Carolina may count absentee ballots. Up to nine days after Election Day. Rusty Jacobs with North Carolina public radio, says state Republicans had sought to block the extension. North Carolina law already allowed for counting absentee ballots postmarked by but received up to three days after Election Day extension was part of a legal settlement in state court between the Democratic majority North Carolina Board of Elections and advocacy groups that suit to his absentee ballot rules made the Corona virus pandemic,.

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