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Middle part of the U. S. On Monday. The storm's effects spread from Iowa and Nebraska to southern Wisconsin. It flipped cars through down trees and tore roofs off houses. The duration is as powerful as a hurricane, but the squall line of storms does not have an eye. Some gusts were about 100 miles an hour. Joey camp in lives north of Des Moines, Iowa, which saw some of the worst damage. All of a sudden, it just got so windy damage was felt like tree limbs on the road. Straight wins. I was waiting for a window to break and it went on for at least an hour. She spoke to W 00 I t V. At least 97,000 Children in the U. S tested positive for the Corona virus during the last two weeks of July. NPR's Corey Turner has more on the findings by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children's Hospital Association. The increased represents a 40% surge in the nation's total number of child Covad cases. Since the beginning of the pandemic. Nearly 340,000 Children have tested positive for the disease, representing roughly 9% of all U. S. Cases through July. This recent rise in child cases, according to the report was fueled largely by states in the South and West. Some of the largest increases came in Missouri, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Montana and Alaska. In spite of the uptick, the data also reinforced a bit of good news that most Children do not appear to get badly sick with the disease, according to the report. The hospitalization rate for Children among the states that reported data increased on ly slightly since June and remains low at just 1.4%. Cory Turner. NPR NEWS five states air holding primary elections today, including Wisconsin as Mayan silver of member station. W. W. M reports election officials in Wisconsin hope today's voting for state offices is smoother than the April presidential primary. There's been about nine times the number of mail in ballot request statewide than in previous August primaries. The deadline for both in person and mail in voting is eight PM In Milwaukee officials leased a vacant office building for mail in ballot counting, says clear Woodall Voke, head of the city's election commission, and it takes up literally an entire city block where we can safely have about 250 election workers. Milwaukee also has 168 polling places open instead of five voting centers like in April at polling places, their safety protocols like plexiglass tape every six feet and disinfectant. For NPR news. I'm ion silver in Milwaukee. This is NPR news. Secret Service says an agent shot and wounded a man outside the White House Monday. The services the man had told the agent he was armed and then moved aggressively. The man and an agent, We're both transported to a hospital after the shooting, the man had life threatening injuries. In Colorado. Several wildfires are burning in the northwestern part of the state. They include the Pine Gulch fire near Grand Junction, Colorado Public Radio's Stina Seeing reports, The separate grizzly fire has quickly consumed 1300 acres and caused a lot of problems. The Grizzly Creek fire caused the evacuation of at least 100 hikers from scenic Glenwood Canyon and the closure of Interstate 70 the state's main East West artery. David Boyd, public information officer for the White River National Forest, says it's unknown when the interstate will reopen or when firefighters will get a handle on the blaze. It's very challenging to rain and it's very challenging conditions. Where is Dry right now is we have been in the last 10 years. Cruise air facing similar conditions at the Pine Gulch fire about 100 miles west. It exploded in size over the past few days for NPR news. I'm Stina Seek in GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado. A California state judge has ruled that ride sharing companies uber and lift must re classify their workers as employees, not contractors. That would guarantee benefits such as overtime and sick leave. The order has been suspended for 10 days. Hubert says that it plans to appeal. On Corvo Coleman NPR news Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include Capital One Capital One's banking app lets people manage their money anytime, anywhere. Capital one. This is banking reimagined. What's in your wallet Capital one in a Six minutes now past three o'clock Good morning. This is public radio and coming up on morning Edition Ladies. Scott Shaffer explains why California's.

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