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Open 12 CD coco has advanced to the quarterfinals the straight sets win over shoe Isaiah while 17 sea Caroline Garcia's onto the quarters as well, the win over 29 seat Allison risk. I'm rich Raj. Anything action 50 done jabor is on the court versus 18 seat of Veronica dear mantova in a fourth round match coming up all in a little bit lyudmila samsonova faces ila to Lyanna vich. In the men's draw FC Casper root has advanced to the quarters a four set win over quarantine mute while 13 seed Matteo bear tini needs 5 sets of guests past Alejandro davidovich for kina to also advance the quarters currently we are in the third set 12 C Pablo crane a busta and 27 cuenca are in that third set type at a set of peace coming up later tonight. The top seat of Daniel Medvedev will be facing 23rd seed Nick Kyrgyz. With the NFL season set the kick-off Thursday with the reigning Super Bowl champion LA rams hosting the Buffalo Bills, rams quarterback Matthew Stafford says there are no limitations with his right elbow after limiting his throwing during training camp due to elbow issues which began last season. Stafford received an injection into that elbow last year and did not throw it all during spring workouts to help the elbow heel. Major League Baseball scoreboard local teams currently top 8 San Francisco shiny up Philadelphia, three to nothing. I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update, Steven. All right, thanks a lot, Dan. We're going to take a quick break, but I just want to give you a quick update on that big super typhoon heading past Shanghai and towards South Korea. It is now a super typhoon and the big port yangshan port in Shanghai has been a suspended operations, flights in Okinawa, Japan also being canceled. We'll be keeping an eye on that. We'll be right back. This is Bloomberg. Not

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