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Oh, no. But a big of us. I'll just fill it up on the way back. Suddenly, it's eight thirty Pratt's supposed to be over at eight. My daughter had homework and then night footballs about the start Bengo. Stugatz. I said listen, you have more than enough gas to get the kids at school in the morning and get to a gas station he'd get gas and then come on. She said the thing was reading you have four miles of gas remaining. Right. This school all the way is about fourteen miles away from the house. Oh, no. I still not certain if she got the girls at school. I'm not certain if she got home she called me at one point frantically saying what do I do when I run up Gaz. It says two miles to go. She could be surmounted walked to a gas station. These are show with the stugatz on the tickets. I saw on Twitter that the Oklahoma City thunder. Are retiring the number of Nick collison number four it was he's played their sixteen seasons. And my first thought was that's funny and ridiculous that they're doing that. And they're going to laugh at you. When you retire has. And then I realized wait a minute, but they're gonna retire. Yes. That's exactly I was like, wait. I'm going to be that. I'm going to be everyone's laughing right has him deserves it though. Right. But I think nationally you're you're in Miami. I think nationally he's Nicholson I heard a story the other day. I gotta get a confirmed heard a story of the day that that Riley just came over to has lem and was just praising him for being a full-time full-time lifer. Full-time lifer. Which you don't want to say too close to gain weight. The careful whispers like fulltime lifer. Your ally. He lifer. Fulltime? Do you think the TS before they decide to retire jersey number like, Nick collison number four it's four a highly sought after number like I like the number four, but I've never really met anyone else that likes the number four. So the thunder thinking, hey, we can afford to lose number four. No one's really gonna want. It's like we're not going to have a superstar say, hey, I only come to your team with like it'd be number four. So they could afford to let the number four go, you think that goes into the thought process at all and retiring numbers, I do. I think the greatest number four in NBA history is Adrian Dantley. It's not a very sought after number. Is that right? I believe it is. Yeah, I'm checking it out right now. But I believe that's the best number four. And I'm not even certain Adrian Dantley. Who was a great player? I don't think it's jersey Jersey's been retired. Carlson. The heat are no position to tell anybody which jersey to retire in which not to retire. And it has nothing to do with asthma. It has to do with Marino's and Jordan's numbers being retired for the heat. Somehow. I mean goat. How the hell did James harden score thirty eight points by going one of seventeen from three. I saw that. You know, what's funny about that? Chris I saw that against Orlando. I saw that he was one of thirteen and had thirty two points. And I'm like, wait a minute. How how how one of thirteen from three with thirty two points. And it's because he gets a million free throws. He was fifteen sixteen. Of seventeen from three good. God. I mean, I don't want to do this. But I feel like I could go one of seventeen from three in an NBA game. Oh, good of seventeen months. Any of us could just stand in the corner. Seriously are put it on the poll. Guillermo, could you go one of seventeen in an NBA game from three against the magic? Just you just make it last night at Orlando. Could you have gone one for seventeen from differences? I would end the game with three points, not thirty eight. But I mean, it was garden them. It was DJ Augustyn. It's still playing by the way ad says audit. Yeah, he started. I don't believe you this. Another one of your live down your DJ, August, no out of text. He started thirty one minutes..

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