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Superstar not play again. I hear what you're saying. I think if you make it less games, mice guys play more. But you're always gonna have guys are gonna talk about low management like how about four guy who's in his twelfth? Thirteenth year of his career long term. I won't say this impose a instead arguments to a certain degree as a fan. I'm sure they were Toronto Raptors fans who are a little bit annoyed of peeve that they didn't get chance to sink plate, but those are the same are partying in the street because they just wanna world. Camping I understand. So it's way, no way. That system is currently set up at incentivizes, these guys resting. I fully understand that. But the reality is there were people in all of these markets who spent a lot of money on a game. The Coalisland didn't play when he could have, and I understand Kawais perspective. I understand the team's perspective. And my answer to it always is if they can't play every game that to me is proof. There are too many games ask a ball is not baseball. Baseball is a game. Where fans go into it knowing the best players aren't going to play everyday basketball was never that. And I'm going to go down kicking and screaming before I'm going to accept so they had the final way to get over to money. But this reminds me of the year, the NBA lockout. Twenty games. Whatever the number was. But guys when you compete for something to play for each and every game it makes you drive in motivate yourself differently. So that is the answer is just about the revenue side can players get over the fact that you're going to lose money on his steel. When prices are astronomical compared to what they were ten years ago. Ziya Williams making like nine million dollars on his first year rookie deal when I got drafted I made three point four that's where the game is going because at TV, right? So yes, it can happen. But the players had the buy into it and asking me the players union, and I don't have time to play it for you. Nabet. Scotty Pippin on the jump yesterday said that this would be make it impossible to pair numbers from the past, and the president of what I would say is you're right. But that isn't the point. That's not the most important thing here. All sports change in Volve over the course of time. And sometimes they change fundamentally in my opinion. I love that there at least considering this. All right. We'll talk more about it in our next hour, we will hear from Scotty, as well. Meanwhile tomorrow night, IBF lightweight championship combing defenses belt for the first time against.

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