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The beavers ap's greg allen reports oregon state is the national champion after beating oklahoma and the college world series day after picking up a win in relief oregon state freshman kevin able pitched a complete game shutout in the beavers five nothing win over arkansas able struck out ten and retired the last twenty hitters the beavers jumped on razorbacks starter isaiah campbell with a pair of runs in the first sophomore catcher and lee rush man was voted the most outstanding player he set a record with sixteen hits in eight games of the college world series greg clin omaha comedian cheech maryland's chicano art museum is getting nearly ten million dollars from the state of california the money was tucked away the one hundred thirty nine dollars state budgets signed this week merit is a lifelong art lover and has been collecting since he and stone her comedy partner tommy chong became famous in the nineteen seventies cheech and chong the center for chicano art culture and industry is scheduled to open in twenty twenty and riverside east of los angeles it'll include about seven hundred paintings drawings sculptures and other works from maryland's personal collection tourists are heading to colorado in record numbers the state's tourism office at eighty six million visitors came through last year the numbers been increasing consistently since the recession in two thousand nine with domestic visitors growing by forty one percent in denver the city had a record thirty one point seven million visitors in two thousand seventeen marking the twelfth consecutive year of growth the city accounts for about half of the state's tourism spending one area the report didn't mention was how much of the increased tourism is related to colorado's legal marijuana market hi i'm ralph rousseau ap college football writer and host of the ap.

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