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Hey guys welcome to just as it is and I cannot wait you guys to meet my next guest. She is the real is in the game. I love her. I've been a fan of hers for Very Long Time and she actually host the hottest Taco Tuesday in my neighborhood and she is here because not only is the music hot but these shrimp tacos or the bomb to. Please welcome my girl tonight. I just want to let you guys. We met one night. We were bullock La at the club. We were extreme batting. Yeah it's stream fighting Buzi Veloso five and these two girls were literally like the white man who does a tight wire across the gray anion on heels this long dancing and work in. And we're like we need to know y'all y'all come party. Etta linked up linked up. And we've been friends ever since two dropping it low. That was a fun night burn night. Yeah there's no way she's out with the people she was I with the people in Chile Chile cheers to that graduated into it. I gotTa get strange. You get into it. Thank you new record. Save Room for us. Yeah out a million a week in a week. What's it like? That fans are responding to this new. Sound it honestly means everything because this is me you know like before. I think I was learning kind of coming up in the game finding my way and I felt really great to be in the position with my previous record label to release. My first vote was two point five albums and learned a lot. Got To work with all these different producers collaborate with so many different amazing artists. But I felt kind of towards the end of that experience that I wasn't hundred percent being true to like who I needed to be. And that was for. Like a zillion different reasons. It's really hard to pinpoint like one particular reason or it was over the course of a seven year relationship with that situation so I found myself in the place where I just felt like I needed to step back like fine pause in my life really reinvent and become artists that I felt that I truly like was an and just continue on like a trajectory that I was headed towards. I felt like I was kind of like coasting through my career like going through the motions instead of doing what you really really wanted. Artists come here and all they want is at record deal. They want apple to see them. They want to be a part of that. And you had it and then you let it go. Was that a mind for you to like say. Ok. I'm going to do this on my own. Yes myself. It's a big risk right because you lose that kind of machine that kind of solidifies like a lot of different things way budgets. Like making sure that you know you get your stuff out there at first. It seems like okay. How am I going to actually even function as an artist without this machine? That has been internationally pushing me for so long. You know there's so many different components that go into it and I think for me Taking that risk felt like a better option than to continue on what I was doing before like I had to for my soul like take it there. I had to like for me. It felt very very much like spiritual like an instinct calling to like. I have to you know this is. This is the time. This is the perfect opportunity. Gobert Sean you said like there's a spider. My house yeah. I'm not just going to kill spider. I'M GONNA burn the whole month and read somewhere that you've fired fired. You parted ways with everybody. Everybody here in makeup. You parted ways with the you party ways with lawyers rainbows managers lawyers businessmen and Jerry's style literally across the Board. Just wanted to be like clean slate. I'm GonNa just from the ground up really reduce. I connect reconnected with a lot of people that I was really great friends with and I've I guess also kind of re affirmed the of my friendships in this industry because the have built a lot of like really genuine relationships. And I think that those have also really kind of kicked into gear in taking me to another place where I'm using actual real creative energy and people around me instead of kind of just. I don't know it's hard. It's hard to describe but like when you're kind of in sometimes a label situation at least in my experience. It feels like there's this disconnect between the artists and Mike. Every thing that happens like even like collaborations like you don't really talk to the artists when you collaborate with them or like say you like yeah you WanNa like create something you WanNa do something. There's always this transactional situation that happens. Let's let's bring that to people who don't realize slumber party Britney Spears. Oh my God when you collaborate with the Britney are you in the studio with Britney or are you talking about her looks I send you a track and say we want you to be on this. Yes yes yes. Yes which is very typical of situations so it just feels very much more natural. Now that I'm having to kind of reach out to people myself make those connections myself and it feels more valuable and just feels like everything. There's a better synergy that I do. Because you Rick Rubin right now in the sense reminding do this at Your House. You do this on your own my own space in my own environment which feels really comfortable and really genuine authentic which. I think people can tell the difference. You know. There's so much. Fake Ness in the world that people have really a craving and looking for authenticity. Whatever that means even if that means like being independent doing stuff on your own now how did you find friends in the music industry? Because I feel like it's the mother. Oh yeah everybody answer themselves. It's Ache I feel I. Can you explain this to me? We went on a hike that everybody's just offer themselves. How do you find those authentic artists that are actually friends? And who are there for you during this process? I think again. That's kind of what I've really been able to realize a lot with this current time period. Because I've been able to see who is there for just for the art or is there just for me as a as a friend or as the support system. I've really been able to find out who those people are and I think. Yeah real genuine friendships. Maybe in the music industry can be few and far between but I think that you can still find great collaborative friendships and great stuff. Yeah from my make some people. Yeah you know anybody that surprise you when you were like. Hey Bro I want you to be on his mother. Navam and they were like Who Not specifically now that I can think of where you have intuition too. Yeah yeah the whole thing. Are you try to kind of already collaborate with people who are seemingly giving you that kind of energy already yeah? It's almost like single life. It's like when you've been married. Seven years mighty big and then you get the single moment you live your best life and you meet all these really cool people and you find yourself then. You're doing this whole thing. Would you ever go back into a marriage with the label after doing it by yourself and if you would what would be different? I would say never say never at this current point now the right situation came on came about I would definitely consider it But for me. What really held me back from kind of even exploring that with releasing this last album was. I just felt like there was so much of this kind of same thought process So just kind of like going from one relationship to another. That was just extremely similar. So it didn't feel like growth for me. I felt like I had to give myself the opportunity to try to do it without this dated mentality of like just approach to making music and our approach to releasing music is. It's hard like artists. Talk about it all the time you know getting. It's hard to get there album out. It's hard to get creative differences or whatever I think it's the where business meets art. There's always going to be a risk you know. And now you're just doing art and now I'm just focusing our and it feels so much better. Yes so single we always talk about how Minna garbage in different locations different garbage gets at different locations. I say that it was an LA thing. And I beg to differ so you think it's just all over the place it's an epidemic. The new it's the old corona virus garbage. How do you have a hard time finding a dude got the MTA nausea? I mean well first of all I don't like actively look so that's part of it date maybe if I like dated maybe and meet some Nice people just genuinely don't like carve out the time but I've been to your house Taco Tuesday it's fine. There's some dude. I don't like talk to them. That's because you're too busy by the way this girl hugging the Taco. This girl has egg forty five people over at our house for Taco Tuesday. She's making the tacos. Her brother at work. She invites her parents to bring shrimp over to finish back on. We ran out of shrimp so I needed a more so I called my mom. Mom bring us another that. She comes in like stealth mode. But here's the lease and then leaves mom doesn't even stay with its hind. You find that family in Los Angeles because it's hard to make friends and find people who are genuinely here for you and not here for you the celebrity. Well I think for me the number one thing. That's helped me learn how to navigate is growing up here. I think you have a huge advantage because I think when you come here you tend to go to like all these certain circles in these certain environments where everybody around there is kind of trying to meet people or network or connect or be a part of the circle. When you're literally grow up here you're just in the suburbs here in Glendale Galleria. You know you're just you see that as like a part of the city that you can kind of use as a tool you can dip into relief from so I feel like people that are from the city and people who move here kind of experience l. a. differently just in their perspective of like the. Hollywood life like I've a lot of people who live here like people are so fake people are so fake my God and I'm like you have. Have you met people like really really like from here? There's a lot of soul there's a lot of heart is a lot of real genuine culture. But you could be who who are not from. La Because to get into the circle is hard okay. That's the other part that is why I kinda have this great circles because everybody that is in my immediate framework but whatever is people that have been there like from time so to get into that circle takes. Tell you what it feels like. Remember in blade whenever like the Vampires are all at Club in Germany and they're all like dance and Raven and all of a sudden the non vampire walks in and everyone's like nothing feels a non. La DO TRIES TO WALK INTO LA. Gang announced true. It's true it's hard I feel for. I feel for the people who move here as the Queen. Bee says because that's what happens. The Queen of Talk. You're cool you're at TACO Tuesday out. Good job tell people how you gotTa Start. Because you got your start at an early age. It's a it's quite a long story so when people get asked like how'd you get into the industry? It's hard to say it's like one thing or another. I was in my first movie when I was five years old. I started dancing four. I have been actively entertaining or like in the business since you could walk as long as I can remember. Yeah so that has just volved and continued to be like. I was thinking about my career and I was eight years old. You know so. It's always been a part of my life. It's like who I am and.

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