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One of three one W. G. why Melissa Daniels the man rescued from Thatcher park Friday being treated at a Syracuse hospital top stories coming up the first in your accu weather forecast W. G. Y. accu weather forecast calls for cloudy skies with periods of rain a high of forty two but temperatures will fall to the thirties cloudy with snow showers moving through tonight mixed with rain early on a slippery coating in many areas by morning low twenty nine a morning flurry tomorrow then clouds and breaks of sun high thirty four most though likely tomorrow night into Monday with your accu weather forecasts a meteorologist bill decker on newsradio wait ten and one oh three one W. G. Y. forty one degrees with light rain and some fog at newsradio eight ten one oh three one W. G. why I'm missing Albany man has been rescued and Thatcher park and is now recovering at a Syracuse hospital officials located twenty five year old Zachary brand has Friday morning more than three hundred feet below the Thatcher park overlook Albany County sheriff Craig apples as rescuers push themselves through difficult conditions to find branch has Friday morning Polly down there and that's why we couldn't do it into the dark hours the last night they came back here very early are one of our jeep that pieces of your five thirty this morning and getting ready for the rescue they get the equipment out here and then when I went start searching branch has survived over forty eight hours in the elements it's going missing new year's eve after taking it over to the park from his group home branch has a family member say he's being treated for frostbite but an initial exam shows no major.

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