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Continue for awhile although officials do say it is possible things could get back open within the hour Patrick Osborne newsradio killed the journalists can't clean ups are getting under way for the first time since the Austin city council Lucinda the ordinance on camping trash debris and other items have been cleared from ten locations the city has a total list of sixty five locations that will be cleaned on a regular basis Travis county would like to swap some very valuable land with the city of Austin a letter last week to the mayor and city council Eckhart propose swapping the palm school in land it sees a shove is night thirty five for the land under the expo center as well as some of the hotel tax Eckhardt also asked the city to stop developing land on Red River in twelve the to an affordable housing complex and instead make it a central health U. T. run mental health facility in a terse response mayor Steve Adler councilmember Kathy total sit on the council message board that a letter is not the way to negotiate with the council and that by open meetings while they can't even discuss it amongst themselves they said such correspondence should be directed to the city manager Spencer Cronk Eric like of newsradio kale be vice president pants and senator Cornyn will visit a border detention facility today I think it's important as a Texas senator to to be a good host Corning will also be escorting members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to be able to show my colleagues here what I've seen on my many previous trip at the same time back in Austin members of the state house homeland security and international relations committees will be discussing what the state can do to improve conditions for those being detained state rep punch of the various chairs homeland security we have to be able to call attention to what's going on and say Hey you know this guy in my mind it becomes an emergency because it's happening in our state capitol Chris fox news radio K. LBJ for here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda branch and as you heard in mark's news that you have west seventy one that sat down near Fletcher lane they are getting at that vehicle hooked up to a rack or hopefully it will be opened soon bye we can expect some delays of to continue if you're looking for a way around use BK's rotor southwest parkway we also have soul one thirty northbound lanes completely closed in between blue bluff road into ninety after an eighteen Wheeler caught fire they're diverting traffic off at the at the nine seventy three exit is so you can take that exit or you can use that fell nine sixty nine if you're trying to get into town thirty five north Santa Riverside Drive there's a stolen vehicle on the shoulder we also have a record forty two Kimbrough road an old highway twenty your next reports at seven fifteen I Melinda Brandt with us and on time.

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