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The person I would say eighty five that's trump's war on women right it continues a minority woman and another woman my good so are you telling me the today show didn't have that in the open in the course why are they why are they so hell bent on silencing the voices of women of color because that's what they do mmhm but Daschle racist we just proved that well under there you know how it is right you can be black unless you say something nice about the president or you're conservative then not really yeah then you don't count that's true they also didn't have anything about McDonald's in China banning black people they didn't have that on the today really okay now this something is that okay for what reason are they banning black people well there is a there is a it's a it's a wrong theory but there is a rumor that's been going around particularly in China which does have race issues within its borders I mean the there are those issues that have always existed at least for the last few decades that we know of but yeah now there's this nasty rumor going around that black people are spreading this virus more than any other got it okay yeah they're being targeted for extreme quarantine measures and and yet banned from restaurants in some cases wow but yeah calling it the Chinese virus and that's ray hauling out and calling out the Chinese Communist Party well that's all just racist right guard I can't we get along with those the the the loving Chinese government she's an anyone talk about their literacy program to accept these concentration camps they got for for Muslims in general terribly there's just a marauding bunch of make America great have warned people around or just you know beat the hell out of Asian Americans because they can I don't know if you've heard about but it's happening everywhere is one other thing that doesn't have anything to do with corona virus and I thought especially Scott would get a kick out of the story so wanted to mention it it was mentioned along with some other celebrities that are just doing you know some nice things to help people with corona virus in Amy Schumer's name got brought up she donated twenty five hundred mass to a hospital in New York where her childhood best friend works as a nurse so not always down with Amy Schumer is ever done with Amy Schumer but okay you know so weird man like years ago I thought she was really funny until the whole lack turned in anyway yeah it also came out something about Amy Schumer she changed the name of her baby why now yes the little boy's name was Jean Jeanne I think Matt good American boys same middle name I tell genital okay got it last name Fisher genital Fisher never put it together with making sound like all put together either genital Fisher or genital Fisher either way doesn't work either way you're calling Dr oz I didn't find it is so they've changed the name out to Jean David Fisher for you should feel good but she named after David tell right yes so they they just what what's the connection there okay.

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