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To be a cookie but then growing up i started it's not by the extra is a football but when i was nineteen twenty put for england during a bit of money i thought my off the ball at an hour side to cows couldn't afford to pay for any of them and i got caught open what was going on off the field when i suppose it's what robbie saying if i saw it my game out on the field if i got my game right if i performed all that other stuff will take irvy's south but i took my off the ball for a little bit and i fell foul mouth you could you footballers and you know people when they say footballers too much money that's a massive generalization because let's look at people in the conference my team wrexham there'd be a wall five six hundred pound a week lee warn rian a bit more leisure suit can i just say one thing they love they love the sport but the thing is which i think we always took on a little bit is the fight the sania five six hundred pound all the novice goodrich you know madonna and always life probably not much it says it's yes it is but the sacrifices you know sacrificing the sack of the so i i want to tell you sacrifice theory everyone says to become a professional sportsman you make sacrifices all right if i missed out on four or five nights out my mess on a missile ten curry's and a few hours to line up i think i've come out or i i don't see that as a sacrifice i see that as an investment you would not be set you now i've been played odem gins wrote him clubs for wales for less for darby you don't tell your opponent it you're right for this that never don't tell me that you've made sacrifices to get you doing exactly what you want it's not a sacrified fourteen and fifteen and ucla made going to nightclubs they've go friends they go into to these holidays oh y'all don't blame but solely but scholley your thing to self journal i'm not going to do that because i want to be a football i want to be a cricket too so i'm going to give up i'm not gonna do that i'm going to be straight away from temptation because this is all i wanna be shoulder that's the sacrifice who is it so they'll petunias it's a walkout at the millennium stadium if seventy thousand people you're you missed out i'm going into nightclubbing crew one night not pulling dodgy go to cooking morning on the last ones that's not a sacrifice as a bonus matthew matthew you said you on of you on this there's no doubt that sportsman make sacrifices in order to get to the top it's not easy to turn down the temptations of going to the nightclub in wells wherever else but at the same time i think we we kind of we eulogize sports people for the sacrifices they make when as he rightly point out freddie's and investment an investment in something you love and i think of my mum who stacked shelves as the to the secretary we had students living in our house and she had to cook for them as well as three children she had my brother at sixteen may eighteen sister twenty two she's worked out all her life and not very much money she's always given to other people you know people like that who are the backbone of our nation and let me talk about the work ethic of mo farah who runs thirty k a week or andy murray doing warm weather training in florida whatever else i think we neglect the fact that ordinary people up and down the country putting in a shift every day they don't get praised they don't get you gye that don't get into the newspapers i don't much money but it's those people who make the country tick i agree with you but those people might have wanted to be a sport sportsperson but wang good enough didn't have the talent didn't do ten thousand hours bose says what is this is where i sympathize a little bit with six oh six cole was that i'm not gonna say these very often.

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