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Sunday, only eight hours away for game time in New Orleans. The NFC championship game is the first of the day. Sean McVay Jared Goff, and the Rams are headed to the Mercedes Benz Superdome to take on drew Brees and saints. Here's coach McVay on how his team is prepared for the trip to the by you on we try to keep the same rhythm and routine. It's a big game. We don't shy away from that. But I think it is important to be able to keep that regulated rhythm for our players and for us because you don't want to try to make anything up. You don't need to do anything different than what we've done other than play at our highest level. Kick off in the Superdome is at three. Oh, five eastern the AFC title game will follow Tom Brady. And the patriots are headed to Arrowhead where they've consistently struggled. Here's Brady when asked if he's feeling nervous for the game a little bit a bit more. So during the week than than. Then probably leading up to the game the more like Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday says you're preparing and trying to get to know the other team, I feel like the more the more prepared less nervous. I get. Meanwhile, chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is just excited to step onto his biggest stage yet often every single every single game's important. I mean, you're planning AFC championship. I mean that should that. That's the motivation that you need you want to go out there and get your goal. So for me, just focus on what's ahead every single game's important. This is a huge game, especially for this fan base in this community. And so I'm excited to have the opportunity to play against a great team and great atmosphere. Kickoff in Kansas City is set for six forty pm eastern in the NBA on Saturday night. It was a battle in Houston between the rockets and the Lakers down twenty one in the first half the rockets Rabaul to come back and take the game to OT often. Eric Gordon, three with two seconds left in the fourth quarter rockets head coach Mike dantonio on how his team. Got it done. That was just gonna show of heart down. Twenty one point. And we just we picked up the end zone now. I thought some keys BJ got into Kunsman. That's key. Obviously James qui all the time. Gordon, just though he was phenomenal. So it was but what I liked about spirit. They won how hard they played. Final score in Houston Rockets..

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