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Haven style pizza which is my favorite thing in the world but they serve it in chicago which i didn't think was thing and what is this feels like a made up thing by somebody from connecticut by the way new haven style pizza new haven style pizza is a lot like the pizza we had it's thin it's it's really thin it's brick oven so it gets a little chart because the ovens hot that's that's as pizza it's the specific style of it sure is your that's not just pizza and brick oven and you had it in new haven if you look at all the pizza lists everyone that does the list every year two of the top three places are always newhaven it says new haven pizza served in chicago yeah yeah there's a new haven place in chicago where the guy who started is from new haven connecticut oh it is it even had his own locally known as a pizza is a style of neopolitan pizza common and around new haven connecticut it originated the frank pepe aren't all right i will stand down my friend no it's a real thing i thought you're making it up to be students do you he was laughing so hard is changed for jinglin on the leather jacket doc rivers just shipped his son austin to washington for marsin cortott go it's gonna come in and allow them to get rid of de'andre jordan then maybe just think about all the examples of family members who have crossed over into sports and that la example did not work out very well i know that austin rivers was better than most people think but the general consensus and i reported a good deal on the clippers and i was reporting on my guy chris paul was that austin was overpaid by his dad and that more importantly it disrupted the locker room in a serious way people and i think this was on fair because austin and his father they've talked with us aren't particularly close or at least weren't particularly close to that time doc wasn't around very often he was doing the nba thing his son austin is that didn't know his dad that will but it still created a scenario where people felt like there i think unfairly but there was a snitch there was an informer there was a spy in the locker room it would be like if you're at your office even if even if you.

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