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For Liana. Think Lila can you say a bit about why you wanted to have her on the show? Sure so Atlanta think is one of those famous cartoonist son. Instagram as I said at the top she has about half a million followers and There's kind of a group of famous cartoonists and she's one of the most popular. They're very simple line. Drawings and They just sort of give different and very relatable look at life like about needing about living in a city about being a woman about being mad. No misogyny does a lot about that. She just notices things. Yeah if you familiar with her work I would really go and have a look at her instagram. Go now while you're listening And the thing I also like about Liana think and I think the thing I like most about her is that she kind of can't help but be herself. She kind of beautifully. Articulates the awkwardness of being human S She's kind of good at at pinpointing that stuff. I'm she also wrote a brilliant graphic memoir called passing for human. That is all about that. And the way she sees the world inspires me to see the world a little bit differently and especially right. Now I feel like this clearance is a chance to be creative. But sometimes it's hard to know how to tap into that and I just felt like this conversation with Liana was a perspective that I needed and I hope listeners. Feel that way. Yeah I completely agree. I have the same feeling the other thing I will say before. We start is that we are both recording from home so she drops a lot of stuff through the interview and my Internet doesn't stretch across my house very well so I had relocated into my living room coat closet and you will be able to tell. It's going to be so nice to get back into a real life studio again.

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