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Was actually an ad for V. B in the middle. How unprofessional It's VP in the middle filling in for me Be. My name is Vinnie Penn. You could treat me at Vinnie Penn. We've got a special guest coming up in just a moment. But I want to take a quick phone call if we could squeeze it in right now. And welcome Bill from Maicon. Julia thought Pence did well enough. I hear Yes, Yes. No, I don't think he helped the president much. And here's why he Mr Pence seems thoroughly capable. But he also seems so sort of measured. And controls and the contrast with the president who's more likely to pop off and you know everything is the best ever. Mr Spence is not like that. It was a stock reminder of how Republicans used to talk and how they use the sound before the trump days. Yes. Oh, then you didn't go for the whole fleshing out of finally seeing. Okay, This is a good cop, Bad cop kind of thing. Have you didn't like the dynamic? You saw that? I did. I thought, the contrast was striking because there was no seven dating. So there was no no. The best ever is all very measured in control. That's what we Republicans used sound. Yeah, yeah, well, reporters are even saying the cadence the word today's cadence. With regards to both pence and Harris and it is interesting. You are right become trump. Everything is better than ever. It was never better. 01 other thing is did Mike Pence always talked that slow and I never noticed it is going to be like Very talking very slow, brother long some reason, you know, and that's probably why he went a CZ long as he did. Bill. I appreciate always do that. Well, you know, the catch here is, you know, And it's always the case with the vice president outside of debates. I mean, how often do we see and hear from them? So last night was a crash course for me personally in Pence in a lot of ways. David if I can't even recall his vice presidential debate last time around Which was probably the last time I saw him speak, so I can't speak to your question right there. Maybe this gentleman can we have a special guest right now? Welcome to the show, David Bossie, you may recall he was deputy campaign manager for the Trump presidential Campaign. 2016. And perhaps that's where you teamed up with Cory Lou in Taos Ski, and you've now written this book Trump America. First, The President's succeeds against all odds. I do want to start things off in a Rocky way, sir, if you don't mind The James Woods. Basically the James Woods forward, basically is is that the greatest idea Because the book does start off with what I love where James Woods is at now in pop culture and its he doesn't really seem to care about his his acting career anymore. He's that passionate about his his beliefs, but I found it interesting that you went with a blurb of James Woods. S so good in casino way. We think the same thing. Look, ese is independent mind in a town Hollywood. Dominated by the left, and so you know, he has the courage of his convictions and you know, and he's also funny is also we figured why not go with that? Yeah, and you know he like, Like I said, he comes off as if you're giving me a choice between More movie roles or me speaking my mind, I'll choose the latter. He does come across the way but for the most part, but just just for one second, of course, different discussion, but It shouldn't have to be that because nobody on the left. Have that internal conversation, right? Nobody on the left. In Hollywood as well. You know if I go out, and I do this for climate change, or social justice or to support the nominee of the Democratic Party, I have not. I have to worry about my next job. That just isn't the way it's supposed to be in America. To be honest with you. We should all have Whatever opinions we want. Leave him at the door. I mean, it's just it's what what? What's changed over the last several years, obviously because of the left. Never accepting the results of the 2016 election. Being willing to say Donald Trump is are legitimately elected president. They have never Ever done that in Hillary Clinton is really the person who never never accepted the results. Yeah, Yeah, I I I've said it here for years, you know, as a father of two small kids. On. We're supposed to be role models. I've never seen such poor sportsmanship in my life. I can't believe I lived through a period of time where Americans were grown ass adults were saying not my president. You don't get you really Don't You're never supposed to say that we've got it so right and so for eight years No way. Disagreed with Barack Obama. Okay, Two elections in in in in 12, 8 and six and 12. We tried T. We work hard to defeat him and what we do We lost. We lost that we went on with our lives. We went on with fake now try to legislate. Let's cut and that's what you do in this business. You don't burn cities. To the ground and you don't stop. You know an entire cities. Commerce. You don't murder people is this is a different world we're living in. Unfortunately, that's well said, and Ah Trump went there. In the first debate. He went and said I'd have the national Guard there tomorrow. That's what I'm prepared to do. I believe in law and order. How do you think he fared? In the first of the three debates. You know, I think I think I think the I think the president Uh, very well. He did exactly what he planned to do, which was trying to get, um, sleepy, Joe, you know, maybe knock some of the cobwebs off it and see exactly who he is and how he is on ST I I think Joe Biden performed. Um you know his performance was was better than I anticipated in the sense of his Ability to Teo handle those back and forth. Answers weren't good buddy. But his ability to handle the back and forth was better than I anticipated. And that quick you have to be so fast in quick and nice that so I don't I don't have any mints. They're with him, but When you can you, kid even condemn and tifa and you kill it, Even in my opinion, One of the strongest moments of the night was when the president said Joe. Just name one police organization that has endorsed you Want? Yeah, Joe, just one. And it's not a joke. Button said. Hey, I don't answer your questions, Okay? I don't know like that's a tactic. You know he could do that. But you have what you have. He couldn't. He couldn't come up with one because there aren't any And that's the biggest problem and that's a very clear. Line ah, that the president has the men and women in blues full support. Joe Biden once defund the police and Donald Trump has their back. Yeah, yeah, that's that's what I like the title of the book Trump America first, uh, especially the America first and because I do believe that, and that's why he's looked at and viewed as Oh, and people get to use on the left. Get to use words like Xena phobic and all because you will comfortably say, Well, we got to be first again. We've got to think about us again. We do have enemies. China is an enemy in a lot of ways, and he's you know, he's acknowledging an elephant That's been in the room 20 years now, if you don't mind my calling you, Dave. And and I think, And I think Biden would not say America first, he'd think globally. Oh, no, We have many friends and America does need to be first. Right now. That's why I really gravitated to the title. Thank you because, and that's why we created that title Trump American person. It's what's in his Mind. It's what it's what dominates every decision, whether it's about the economy and bringing back jobs from overseas, whether it's about bringing back manufacturing. You knew you name the issue, whether it's little each piece what? Whether it's making NATO makes our allies in NATO pain pay their fair share, he says. How am I putting America person, he says. 2015 and 16. I am going to be elected president of the United States. Other countries can vote for people who will fight for them, but I'm fighting for the American people. I'm not putting the world first, and we're not going to turn our backs and now go. Back to the Obama Biden Apology Tour era. That's it. Oh, and I covered that to the apology tour again Want with David Bossie? He's written this book with Corey Lou in Taos. Key. Is that what you first across?.

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