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Today on something you should know to make a really good solid efficient decision you just might wanna wait until your bladder is full i'll explain why then if your cell phone is controlling your life maybe it's time you two broke up it to clarify the point of breaking up with your phone it's not throw your phone out it's to go from the of relationship where you click with your pollen you can't be without it for five minutes if that craving phone hit go to be friends with your phone then did you know that cheerios were once considered an unapproved drug and since it's likely to happen to everyone at some point what do you do when your world falls apart the very first one is you cry your heart out most people when terrible things happen instead of feeling that they need to grieve over it just want to take control wish it didn't happen and we live in a culture that has really deprived us of our here's all this today on something you should know somethingyoushouldknow fascinating intel the world's top experts and practical advice you can use in your life today something you should know it might carruthers did you know that hamsters are nocturnal i just discovered this see my son got this great report card all as and one b plus so i said he could have a reward for that he's wanted a hamster for a long time so we now have two hamsters we we got went to the pet store and got a pocket hamsters and the lady at the pet store said you know they are nocturnal well they're not only are they up at night nocturnally speaking there in that darn wheel all night long just.

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